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Proud Tita

Manang Girlie is into poetry writing lately.

When Ryx won in the Reading/ Writing Contest for the Headstart Category, he became the subject of Mamang Girlie’s (that’s how Ryx calls her Tita) literary piece. And I am sharing it to you.


Sweet Grapes

He is five,my nephew
he represented Asia’s Latin City
in a regional contest for kinder two
in the biggest town of Zamboanga del Norte

First is oral reading,
questions in comprehension
then spelling
he answered calmy and clearly

perfect score is the judges’ verdict
the mama and tita can’t predict
because all coaches and everybody can’t peek
inside the room,where the clock ticked

the boy is so unaffected
his innocence is reflected
after the contest he played games
and never entertained the fame

the story read is ” Fox and the Grapes”
the spelling contest,he did not make mistakes
he is unaware that the city is at stake
and his winning will give him his break


Thanks Manang for the wonderful poem. 🙂


New Year New Header

Happy new year everyone! Starting the year with a new look – see the header. That’s me with the things that are often in my head. 🙂

May we all have good vibes this year of the wooden horse!!!