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This cat showed up one day right on our doorstep. But she disappeared when she noticed we’re not interested in her.


In one of our vacations

 in Dipolog City with Reena’s folks, Ryx was able to find a book entitled “I wonder why Triceratops have horns (and other questions about dinosaurs).” We didn’t know about this encounter until our return from the trip when Ryx kept on asking us similar questions found on the book. The conversation went this way:

Ryx: Unsa tawag sa dinosaur nga naa tulo ka horns?

Reena: Triceratops

Ryx: Unsa ang biggest dinosaur?

Me: T Rex?

Ryx: Unsa Papa??

Me: Dili ku sure. T Rex gaha.

Ryx: He, kabalo ka. Naa tu sa book didto kanda Mamang Girlie.


His manner of questioning is so kulit! He won’t stop unless he will get a clear answer.

Then last month, when his Mamang Girlie and Tito Toto came here to attend the graduation of Ryan, they brought the book and loaned it to Ryx.

Hay! It was a relief! He didn’t pester us with questions anymore.

But the other side of it was that we were at his beck and call. He asked us to read it for him anytime he wanted to, daytime or nighttime, brownout or not, whether we are preoccupied or free, whether we’re up to it or too tired and sleepy. It was okay for the first few times… but the succeeding times were tiresome already. Makarabya ya kay bira-bira lang. Grrr!

However, his interest with the book waned after a while. Thanks be to God!

But just last Friday, when his Mamang Girlie and Tito Toto came to attend the awarding ceremony of Ryan (during Dia di Caling), Ryx requested for another book. And his Tito Toto promised to send all of them- 23 remaining volumes to be exact!

Oh no! I don’t think we have the patience for that!

We conspired Manang Girlie to send a few instead. So when Josel arrived from Dipolog last Sunday, she brought 3. We will give one at a time to him.

So now we’re back to square one. Back to reading sessions na paulit-ulit.