Monthly Archives: January 2010

Moo and Quack

We were already hopeless on the idea of receiving premium gift items from EQ Diapers when suddenly an officemate called and asked if I was expecting something from JRS Delivery. I tried dialing their number but no one was answering. So I decided to just drop by the JRS office since it was located along my normal route.

Yahoo! It was indeed the gift item which you can get by sending EQ Diapers wrappers with the equivalent points. There were three choices to choose from actually. A lion, cow or a duck. We were informed last year that lion was out of stock. So we are expecting  for our second choice (the cow) which we received with a letter inside. The reason for the delay in the distribution was due to the typhoon Ondoy. Apparently, the warehouse where their items were stocked was among those affected with the flashfloods.

When we arrived home, Ryx got so delighted when he saw the cow. He hugged it so dearly! He was amazed when the cow begun to say “Moo…. mo…” when the EQ Logo was pressed.

Just now, the delivery man came to the office with another package on hand. Yes! It was the second premium gift item. We sent the entry for this last September – almost last day of the promo. This second toy is a duck and it was meant for Rob. I bet Rob would find this toy very nice. Woohooo!!!

Thank you, EQ!