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My “More-for-More” Wife

Yesterday, I was able to read an article on the Philippine Star about the three kinds of employees. Theres the “less for more” people, the “more for more” people and the “more for less” people. Below is the complete description of each type as featured in the article.


“ “Less for more” people: These people come to you for more budget, promise you more in return, and end up doing less than was originally promised! So, not a good deal. You give them more than budgeted — and they still miss the original target! These people are at the bottom of the organization and the first to go when a restructuring comes.


“ “More for more” people: These are people who come to you for more budget, promise you more in return, and then give you exactly what they promised. These folks are okay and the backbone of any organization.


“ “More for less” people: These are the exceptional players in the company. They come to you with budget savings and give you money back! And on top of that, they over-deliver their original goals. So they give you more results with less money! These are your stars.”


My wife belongs to the third type if I may say. Assign her something and she will give her 101% effort to deliver great results. From a tiny task to something more elaborate… the result is at par with excellence. She never settles for mediocrity… always next to perfection.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Of course it is a good thing!


But sometimes it gets in the way. It just gets in the way.



Thursday. Office. After visiting the biometric machine, I went straight to my pc to turn it on. The monitor displayed the usual start-up picture but Windows just wouldn’t run. Tried turning it off and then on again. Still the same. Usual response. So I discarded the idea of turning on the computer and tried working computer-less.

Friday. Seeked professional help. Accordingly, the problem lies with the Operating System. He pulled out the unit and promised by Monday, the machine will be okay.

Monday. Yay! My pc is back! All files intact! Yay! But not my desktop background.

Tuesday. Today. Searched for a new background. Checked my files. Nothing caught my attention. Checked the internet. Saw a cat. It looked exactly like my Miminggay.

Black cat with black background. Presto!