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On Leave – On Work

Another post from Eena:



I was recently on leave for two days. On the first day, Ryx and I had to hang out at the office for an hour or so while waiting for my schedule to go somewhere. In case people came to see me for official business, I printed a sign “ON LEAVE” and placed it on my table. Of course, he asked what it meant, so I explained it to him.

The following day, I didn’t go the Office at all, but Ryx and Dida dropped by there to get something. When I reported back for work, I was amused to see that a sign was still on my table, but this time, it was a handwritten one that read “ON WORK.”


Turns out that it was the handiwork of Ryx who had written “On Work” on the other side of the sign “On Leave” I made.



I can say that my preschooler Ryx is on the right track as far as reading in concerned.

A few days ago, when I checked the history of the Yahoo Search I found the some odd searches. I cant remember all but the following really caught my attention:



I was lost at first. Until I was able to decipher what they actually mean:






This is one of Ryx’s earlier drawings.  He was around 3 years old when he sketched this. (Posted on Facebook on July 3, 2011). Based on his descriptions, this is his drawing of 4 persons namely  Me, himself, Dot-dot and Jan-jan (from right to left). The last one accordingly is a toy which Jan-jan is holding. By the way, Dot-dot and Jan-jan are his neighborhood friends. I think I already mentioned their names in this out a few times.


Anyway, lately I noticed there was a huge improvement in his drawing skill. I will find time to compile them and perhaps post them here as soon as I get the chance. So just wait. 🙂

Zyk’s 2nd Birthday (with text this time)

Finally, the connection is back (after almost a month). I can now post this entry which is overdue alreaday. But better late than never.

We celebrated Zyk’s birthday in Basilan as agreed. We had his first in Dipolog City with Eena’s folks so this time it’s my folks turn.

His birthday fell on a Saturday so it was an advantage because we only have to skip one day from work. I am referring to the day before which is devoted to travel time plus a little planning and preparation here and there. So, when Friday arrived, we left our house almost 9 am with all the bags (by the sight of them, you can assume that we are spending a whole month there when actually we stayed just for 3 days) and left everything to Pilar.

As predicted, we arrived at the port with only few minutes to spare. As soon as they were able to disembark the car, I careened right away since I needed to go to the office to park the car. By the time I reached the port, the boat already left. Toink!

Indoor or outdoor? It took a while before we were able to make up our minds. Jate and Mom cleared the newly roofed area and that made us decide to have the party outdoor. Then Dida entered the picture. Soon, the three became busy with the decorations. They posted the poster, added some trimmings plus the balloons. And presto! The plain wall was transformed to a beautiful birthday backdrop.

Few days before, I made an arrangement with Mommy already about the cake. She will order it from the local bakeshop. On our day of arrival, when I asked her about it, her reply was she haven’t ordered yet because it is available anytime anyway. So we checked the shop and found the cake cheap-looking – pardon the word. Inasmuch as we already ordered dedication cake from Gagah which we intend to slice and eat during the party, we decided not to order cake anymore and use the budget to buy additional putahe.

So we had spaghetti, hotdogs on stick, fried chicken ala Dida and the additional putahe which was beef steak. Of course, the cake which came a little late because it was Bry who brought them all the way from Zamboanga. Oh, correction: cakes. He brought two! Thanks Bry and Tita Gagah.

Then came the birthday boy all dressed up. Wow! Tampa sultero! Hehehe! He knew that it was his birthday! So he was there very eager to blow the candle. And he was able to do it with the help of his Kuya.

As soon as all the members of the family were there, the picture-taking session started. Then a short prayer before the singing of the birthday song. And then…. Chow time! Mom also invited her boarders to join the party. Daddy also called Uncle Arnol and Autie Flor, and they were able to come and spend time with us.

We prepared some games for the kids. They were all very willing participants. They still wanted for more even if it was dark already. But when Mommy and Jate’s supply of prizes ran out, we stopped and party was over.

To sum it all, the party was great! Thanks to Mommy and Daddy, the main sponsors; Jate for the balloons and prizes; Inang for man-power; Boobae, Robi, Nasser, Mimi, Krishan, Didi and Cacai for keeping Zyk occupied with the help of Kuya; and to Dida, for everything! 🙂

New Dentist

while clutching the dinosaur which is his source of strength

while clutching the dinosaur which is his source of strength

Ryx’s first visit to a dental clinic went okay. The dentist was able to extract his lower front tooth without a fuss.  But by the time he was ready for his overdue second visit, his dentist was not available. So we had to look for another dentist before he changed his mind.

We were able to visit 3 clinics before we found the right one. The clinic was closed for our first choice. the same goes for our second option. The third was, his approach was so aggresive and we didn’t like his manners. Let me elaborate a little on that.

Ryx was already seated on his dental chair when at the last minute he decided not to continue. Guess what the dentist told us? He said that we needed to hold Ryx tight no matter what while he will do the procedures. On that note, we backed out and left the clinic.

Anyway, we made the right choice for his new dentist. The dentist was a lady and she specializes in Pediatric Dentistry – something we didn’t expect to exist in our place. Hehehe!

Everything went smoothly. She asked Ryx to seat on the dental chair and made him relax. Their interaction was okay… Ryx obeyed everything she said and answered all questions asked. She has to apply anesthesia before pulling the tooth. Before doing so, she showed Ryx a bottle with a picture of strawberry and said ” We will put something ha?” with emphasis on the red substance on the bottle.

After a while, she told Ryx to cover his eyes with a follow up that it wont hurt… “Parang kagat lang ng langgam.” No protest from Ryx. Very submissive. Hmmm. This dentist has charm.

Her next statement was “Ipa-dance natin ang ngipin mo ha!” and presto! milk tooth extracted! Ryx panicked when he saw blood coming out. The dentist calmed him by saying it was just the red substance she applied earlier. And Ryx’s fears vanished. She wiped the blood and placed a rolled cotton on the area.

Before we left, the dentist asked Ryx to pick a toy from her collections as a reward for being good. We thought Ryx will pick the firetruck displayed which I think is not part of the giveaways. He opted for the dinosaur which is his latest interest.


Zyk’s One- Liners

Note: This entry is written by my wifey Eena


I was still drowsy last Saturday morning. I could already hear the boys (papa and the kids) busily talking, and playing, I think. It was actually the second time I woke up. I had earlier wakened up at the wrong side of the bed(figuratively, hehe…coz sometimes I do that to, literally) due to Ryx’s racket, so I had to go back to sleep and hoped to wake up in a better mood.

This time, I think I felt better, and I could hear Zyk playing with his kuya. So we had this conversation:

Me: “ Hello Zyk, good morning! What are you doing?”

To which he answered: “Dula!” (Play!)

I wanted to cuddle him so I asked him: “Come Zyk, come to mama, embrace mama!”

To which he matter-of-factly declared: “DILI!” (NO!)

And that was it. Hahaha.. I was so amused by his straightforward answers. Though he usually talks in his famous one-liners, you can actually carry a decent conversation with him. Come to think of it, sometimes he is more sensible to talk to than older people who just beat around the bush and don’t answer my questions at all.

Hey! You are not thinking about me when you typed that line. Right?

When he poops, we usually know coz we can hear it. But he affirms it by saying, “Poopooh!” which we would acknowledge by saying, “Poopooh si Zyk?” And then he would again declare matter-of-factly, what we need to do about it : “Wash!”

When he’s hungry and wants to eat something, he says: “Am-am!” which is the sound I used to make when feeding him, which is now his official word for “eat.” If the food is still hot, I blow it for him, and he would convey his comprehension by saying “hot!”  When he drinks cold water or juice, he would state “cowd!” (cold!)

One time we brought him with us at the market, where he saw some big fish. He then proceeded to ask me, “Touch!” it took me a while to understand that he wanted to touch the fish. I told him, “No Zyk, you can’t touch that, it’s wet!” I didn’t know that the young lass, who was the fish vendor, was just listening to us. She then asked, “English se ele?” (is he English speaking?)  “No, he’s bisaya, he just knows some English words” was my answer. Which Zyk promptly confirmed when he saw a dog, and he adamantly told it: “Hawâ! Hawâ!” (go away, go away!). English-speaking,hahaha…

Though he does know many English words already, he is far from being English-speaking. Especially when he utters his Bisaya words with conviction: Agay! Sakit! Dukduk! Tambal! Nina!(sanina, or shirt) and many others. And of course, his favorite “HAWA!” Although now, we are teaching him to say “excuse me” coz it doesn’t sound very nice when he tells and old lady in church to “HAWA!” when he wants to pass through..hehehe..

He has one favorite chavacano word too, and its “Kepet!” When I bathe him and soap him, I would enumerate, neck! And he would look up so I could wash his neck. Feet! He would offer his foot one at a time to be scrubbed. And when I say “kepet!” of course he would promptly raise his arms so I could clean his kepet. Good boy!

I don’t have anything against children who speak English as a rule. It’s nice to hear kids speak fluent English. But I just don’t find it necessary and practical to impose English as the “default” language. I think if they read it and hear it often enough, they will just learn it. Hopefully, as they grow up, my kids will be able to speak and write English without making those who hear and read them, cringe at their pronunciation and grammar. For now, I’m perfectly happy with how Zyk is learning to speak. His one-liners say it all.