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March! Oh March!

The month of March is about to end and yet I dont have any entry of the activities which incurred. And to think, it’s suppose to be my birth month. Anyway, I’ll just give a little information in bullet format of the activities.

* Eena attended a one-day seminar in Davao on March 6. She was expected to be back on the 7th but the flight was canceled. The airline decided to bring them to Manila, then to Zamboanga on the earliest flight the next day. She and the rest of the passengers of the canceled flight were billeted at Century Park Hotel! Whoa! (Now she claims were even… that is as far as the hotel countdown! Hehehe)

*March 9. Celebrated my birthday at home with my family. It was a non-working day… I was able to save 1 day leave credit. 🙂 Got a new polo from Eena and Ryx as bday present. Thanks, Ma! Thanks Ryx!

*March 9, 2pm. Got a message from Mom about Dad’s nose bleed. He was scheduled to have his nasal polyp removed last October but it was postponed due to his heart condition. Got a little worried about his bleeding but didnt dwell on it too much since he was already brought to the hospital.

*March10. Decided to skipped work to attend to the needs of Dad. He was arriving that day with Mom to seek medical help from his doctor who is assigned in Ciudad Medical de Zamboanga. He was bleeding profusely. Eena skipped work, too. Late afternoon, I and Eena was able to see firsthand how his nose bleeds. It was really bad. You can see droplets of blood on the floor… hospital gown soiled with blood… blood coming out of his nostrils in spite of the tampoons… from his mouth… from his right eye. It was terrifying!

*March 12. Ryx had his first independent steps! Yahoo! Reena was able to witness this! She even caught it on video. Congratulations, my son! 🙂

*March 13. Dad had his surgery after undergoing series of lab tests. The operation was successful! Thanks be to God!

*March 22. Celebrated Mommy’s birthday. Brought her a birthday cake with one candle to blow and a chocolate cake which we loved. Hehehe! We didnt come up with a grand celebration which she really deserves ’cause she will not approve of it anyway. We celebrated it in a such a way that would make her happy and make her feel how important she is to us. She was happy, I know. She just didnt show it.

*March 25. Dad and Bry were already onboard the vessel bound for Zamboanga which was scheduled to leave at 6:45 when Daddy suddenly coughed! His nose was at it again… bleeding. They disembarked the vessel then headed for the hospital.

Whew! March… oh March! What a month!


El Legiendo del Carne

Last Friday, February 27,  2009, I and Eena were able to catch Layeta Bucoy’s EL LEGIENDO DEL CARNE at Brebeuf Gym, Ateneo de Zamboanga University Main Campus around 7:30pm. The play was participated by selected Mass Communication students and it was directed by Kiko Miranda (not the vocalist of the band Parokya ni Edgar).

The play would have been better if they had a good sound system to start with. The microphones of the main characters were not working very well. Because of this, dialogues were too loud at one point and at some point you cannot hear what the casts were saying. The voice of the narrator also is not very clear. You have to make an effort in order for you to understand what the heck the narrator is talking about.

The idea of making use of the floor instead of the stage as their ‘stage’ is good. If they used the actual stage, audience from the bleachers would have to twist their body a little in order to face the stage. But with the play’s setup, the possibility of straining the audiences’ neck would be low since they are all facing up front. But if you are seated on odd zones on the bleachers were your viewpoint is hindered by the posts, then too bad for you.

The actors were all good. From the main characters down to the tao. But those with dialogues should improve the delivery of their lines ( e.g. diction). Although this is understandable considering Chavacanos are not good in speaking Tagalog. Avoid also putting intonation in their lines – Batang Walang Silbi especially. It’s irritating.

Finally, something is lacking with the conclusion of the play. Emphasis wasn’t given on the growing plant! Isn’t that supposed to be the climax?! They should have put off the lights then the spot light directed to the growing plant! Or something like that.