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My Mobile

I used to be a Nokia mobile phone user (I was able to use 4 models actually).

But now no more.

I switched to Samsung. And its the Champ.

Well, the switch has actually nothing to do with anything. I just took the Samsung phone because it was the only phone available for my postpaid plan.

The question now is: Am I satisfied with the phone’s performance?


… I can send short (and long…especially when I am mad and I dont see the need to call ‘coz it will just make things worse) messages to any parts of the world.

… I can call my friends and family member and even strangers.

… I can access my facebook account anytime and anywhere.

… I can take pictures whether for posterity or to aid me in my task (hehe! when I dont feel like taking notes or something, I take pictures!)

… and most of all, I can hear music even on the go!

Those were that matters, right?


January 6, 2011