Monthly Archives: December 2013

Nagdakup ug Kalayu

Eena and I have been waiting for the screening of CATCHING FIRE here in the locality since last week. We wondered what’s causing the delay. And then yesterday, on our way to ADZU we saw the familiar poster of a Caucasian woman holding a bow and arrow at Viva Cinerama. That poster made us scream! The movie is finally here!

I was free. But not Eena. She still had to meet her class. Besides, we are not sure if the same movie is also featured in Mindpro Cineplex. So we brushed off the idea of watching the movie. Even if we knew that it was our only chance considering our schedules were fully booked until weekend.

We parted ways. Eena to her class. While I towards the pueblo to check out gift ideas. Passing by Mindpro Citimall, I saw only two posters displayed. Catching Fire is not among the two. I don’t know what happened but my feet brought me to the fourth floor of the mall. There I saw the same poster being displayed at Viva Cinerama. Immediately, I texted Eena about it even if I know she won’t be able to read my message right away. I went on with my chore.

One hour after.

We decided to watch the movie. Our “us” time was long overdue anyway, so we might as well grab the chance. The kids at home were doing fine anyway.

We made it a point that we can watch the movie from the start. We waited for the last full show. The lights were still on when we entered the movie house. It was very convenient to look for strategic seats. We found a place. Then a group of students arrived – about 12 or more. They were so excited and giggly with their baons inside  plastic bags. Afraid that they will spoil our date, we transferred to another seats. Already comfortable with our new seats, another group composed of gays – parlorista – came. Lots of them. And they occupied the whole row behind us plus a few seats on right side of Eena. They too were noisy exchanging stories of the day. Uh oh! Doomed? We planned on moving again but decided not to. It’s rude. We might earn their ire, too.

Lights off! Movie started screening.

The End.

I won’t say anything about the movie. I don’t want to spoil your fun. Definitely, the movie is better than Hunger Games. But I am wondering how the experience is for those who did not read the books.

As for our experience with fellow viewers, contrary to what we expected the people were so behaved. No glaring cellphone LCDs for the entire time except once or twice during the inception of the movie. We heard not-so-loud ringing of cellphones but the owners didn’t answer the calls and opted to just cancel it. The sounds which a plastic bag produces when somebody takes his baon were kept very minimal and at a tolerable level. Lastly, there were no commentators around. It was a nice experience! Thanks be to God!

Now I can start reading Mockingjay. 🙂