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Ryx’s 4th Birthday

We took the day off from office work as usual. But for this birthday, we have an added chore. We have Ryx’s classmates (and yayas) to think of. We didnt think of inviting them over tot he house because they won’t sit well with Ryx’s friends from the neighborhood. So we just bought Selecta Ice Cream (Ube and Strawberry) with cones and Chocolate Marble Roll. They had them after the class. Teacher Kaye and her assistants also enjoyed the treat.


Almost lunchtime, somebody came knocking at our door with an Ube Cake and 12 Balloons on sticks. The cake was for the Basilan Folks while the balloons were for Ryx. They were actually from Ma’am Mila, Eena’s co-speaker. A few weeks ago, the two went to conduct a seminar in Basilan. They stayed in my parents house. As an act of appreciation, Ma’am Mila gave them an ube┬ácake which actually happens to be the favorite of my mother.

While the cooks were busy with Spaghetti and Gulaman, I went to town to get the cakes – there were two, one by Venus and the other by Red Ribbons. The former was from US ( Papa, Mama, Zyk and Dida & Ate Pilar) while the latter was courtersy of Tita Gagah.

I arrived home from my trip with a few children already there waiting. Reena was already in panic-mode. She was so worried about the seating arrangement because we dont have enough chairs. Thanks to Pyong-pyong ( one of Ryx’s friends )! He brought around 3 long benches.

Our “dirty” ice cream also was on time. It actually took me a lot of driving and gallons of sweat and a few exchange of grrr words (with wifey) before I was able to locate him.

Around 4pm, when the invited guests were there , we started the party. We had a few games before they ate the food. Our tetra-pack JUICE were already icy cold when served. The rounds of ice cream in cones were so exciting since the kids were all in a frenzy making their way to Manong Sorbetero to have the cold treat.

The much awaited game was the pabitin. I segregated the kids according to size so that everybody has equal chance. Ryx was not exempted. He joined the kids and fortunately, he was able to get the desired prize. When it was the average-sized kids turn, I thought I would hear somebody crying or getting angry. Because the moment the pabitin was lowered down, everybody was jumping, pulling, pushing and scrambling. It even reached the point where you see kids one on top of another. Then nonchalantly stood up and brushed himself/herself off then walk away as if nothing happened. Too bad, I didn’t catch it on camera.

When the kids party was over, it was time for us to prepare for our dinner. We had fried chicken in addition to the ones mentioned. Mommy and Tita Gagah joined us with a gift in tow. Guess what? Its LOFTY. Now the series is complete – DUMP TRUCK, POWER MIXER and LOFTY.

Zyk joined the fun, too! He was there avidly observing the kids all throughout!