Monthly Archives: December 2009

Out the whole month

Sorry. I failed to warn you. I was out the whole month of November without even warning you about it.

I was in Cebu from November 3 to 28 attending a work-related training. It was the first time I got to leave home and have a break since the time Eena got pregnant with Ryx till the time Ryx was born and became 3-months shy before turning two years old. Due to my excitement, I failed to update you about it.

The training itself was okay ( venue, food, accommodation, etc. ) except for some things which I didnt quite like ( some lecturers, topic organization, exams, etc. ). The after-training was the best part! Hehehe! We enjoyed the amenities offered by the resort. From billiards, table tennis, basketball, videoke, swimming pool, etc. They were all great! I even got the chance to try diving! It was wonderful!

Anyway, now I’m back to Barracks… back to work. Sigh!