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EQ Dry Animal Friends Entry Sent

Anytime now, the mail man is coming over to pick up our entry for the promo. Yehey!

But… I should not be too happy yet. I haven’t received the toy. A lot of things might go wrong along the way. Hehehe!

Anyway, we have four choices to choose from. Duck, Lion, Cow and Dog. Since Ryx is already familiar with the Duck, Cow and Dog so we chose the Lion. Hopefully, there are still available Lions when our entries will arrive their end.

Ryx, just sit back and relax. Your toy is coming soon!


EQ Dry Animal Friends

I think we will be able to accumulate the required points needed in order to qualify to the promo anytime this week. I’m excited already to receive the cute stuff which makes sounds when hugged. But I have some doubts… I noticed some inconsistencies on the promo mechanics.

The promo period says that it runs from April 26 to July 31, 2009. If you will hand deliver your entries, you have until July 31, 2009. But if you will send your entries via mail, you have until September 30, 2009. Why the disparity? I mean, why did they set a very wide gap in the due date for sending entries via mail and hand-carried?

Now about the points. I cant see the “points” the promo is referring to in the line ” … collecting EQ Baby Diaper with colored cloth-like cover wrappers with intact points.” I’ve been trying to figure out where and what is being referred to. You might think I was holding an old wrapper but I was not. In fact the wrapper I’ve been analyzing with was attached with a flyer about the promo. Anyway, I’ll double check the wrappers again later to ensure about this. So that if I’ll send my entry soon, I will be sure that my entry is qualified in the first place. 🙂