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Damn that Rain

About 2:30am the other night ( or is that considered as DAY already?), my 11-month old son was awakened by the heavy rainfall. He’s usually not bothered by rain while asleep. Why the sudden change?

Well, based on what I’ve researched, that’s a healthy sign that my son is growing up. As he progress in life, he is becoming more social and is becoming increasingly aware of what’s happening around him. Maybe the odd sound produced by the rain scared him.

You know what we did to pacify him? We opened the window and showed him the rain. After a while, he stopped. That’s the trick! Show him the source of the sound which scares him and he will realize that its nothing to be afraid of. That is, if there’s really nothing to be scared of. hehehe.

Here’s Ryx’s latest picture:

Getting ready for Bathtime

Getting ready for Bathtime

Who says he deserves the much awaited haircut?!


No Appetite

Lately, we are having a hard time feeding Ryx. He seems not interested in food and we dont know why! Before, we noted that he doesnt want to eat recycled food. I mean, he prefers freshly cooked food. Now, whether recycled or fresh, he will just eat three or four spoonfuls then stopped. Its either, he will push the spoon away or he will open his mouth but will spit them out right after.

As far as milk intake, nothing has changed. In fact, he is taking more now than he used to. Maybe you would conclude that this explains why he has no appetite for food. But trust me, we tried not giving him milk before meal time. But, same thing happened. 😦

Could it be possible that this has something to do with teething? He’s cutting teeth – two upper front. One is very visible already while the other is about to come out. I hope so. I hope these two are interrelated.

Sigh! How I wish Ryx could already speak. So he’ll tell me what’s going on. That wont keep me guessing!

“…the bough breaks, the cradle will fall…”

A week ago, about 5:20 in the afternoon, while I and my wife Eena were on our way to school for our respective class, she received a telephone call from Kaka’s phone. I immediately assumed it was something of an emergency since Kaka don’t usually call unless it’s important. Eena answered the call and got the bad news: Ryx fell from cradle.


While driving, I lost my sanity for a while! I fought back and tried to stay in focus with driving. Eena was still talking on the phone trying to get every detail of the incident and ascertaining if Ryx is doing okay. Accordingly, he is not badly hurt. But it’s not for them to decide if he’s hurt or not. And going home is the only way we could find out.


We skipped school and headed home. Ryx cried when we arrived. Maybe that was his way of telling us what happened. We embraced him to assure that nothing of that sort will happen again. He got some small scratches on his chin and forehead. We checked his head if there were some inflammation and thanked God for there was none.


Here’s what happened: The nail on which the rope of the cradle was tied upon got uprooted. This must be due to Ryx added weight. He did not hit the floor directly. He landed while lying on his back on the mattress first before he rolled off to the matt. Maybe this was where he got the scratches.


After that incident, we tried not using the cradle again. But then, we noticed that he really is having a hard time going to sleep. He weeps a lot till such time he will be able to fall asleep. We noticed too that his naps are not as long as those naps while on the cradle.


So, yesterday, we gave in to the idea of giving up the cradle. We postponed it till he will be about 15 months or till he won’t need morning naps. Maybe by that time, his cries are bearable. I hope.