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Of Posterity Gadget and “Over-sterilized” Feeding Bottles

After lots of thinking and pondering, I and my wife finally decided to buy a digital camera for us. We’ve been dying to own one even before our son was born so we can document every stage he will go through and every milestone he will attain. But our limited resources wont allow us to do that. Not until Friday last week! Yihaaa!!!!

Among the leading brands available in the market, we picked the camera from Canon. The quality and affordable price were basically the reasons why we opted for this brand. However it was the “replacement” thing which greatly influenced our decision. Now let me explain that. My wife owns an analog camera which she bought at a bargain price while she was starting her career late 90s. Its of the same brand and mind you, until now it is still working and and have been producing good pictures. We used it actually during the first 6 months of our baby. Anyway, my wife prefered that if we will discard the old cam the replacement must be of the same brand. That way, her memories of the old cam will linger. Did you get what I mean? So that’s the story why we opted for that brand.

We were able to have some pictures taken. Actually not some. We’re about to fill the entire capacity of the memory card. Hehehe! And guess who is our subject? Right! Who else but our son. Soon, we’ll upload some of our shots in this corner.


Guess what happened this Wednesday night. While I was in my class discussing something, the phone inside my pocket kept on vibrating endlessly. I knew its something urgent. So I excused my self and checked it out. My wife is asking me to buy 5 feeding bottles. Why?! Oh why?! Why now when shops are about to close!

Apparently, all of my son’s feeding bottles (except for the one in used) got deformed. How come? Well, in the house we use the conventional sterilizer. You fill it with a enough water then place the rack with the bottles on top then cover. You put it on fire until the water will boil then presto! Sterilized feeding bottles! Now what happened was, Dida (yaya of my son) forgot to put some water. Endproduct? Deformed… melted… beyond recognition bottles! In short, “Over-sterilized” bottles!

Sigh! What a waste of resources! I feel like kicking Dida’s ass!

Nevermind! It might lead to much trouble!

Sigh!!! Again!!!


The student who showed up just once!

Let’s go back to my resolved dilemma which I introduced on Friday last week in the article entitled TROUBLE.

After the no-show of a student of mine for one semester, now he is back with my officemate asking for considerations just so he can have a grade under my class and eventually graduate from college after seven years of college life.

Are you out of your mind?!

I faced him calmly and said my piece. It’s impossible for him to pass the course since he didnt take any long exams much more the major exams. He insisted that I as the teacher can still do something about it. I told him that I’ll consult my superior first about his case and we’ll see what will happen. Though at the back of my mind, I’ll dare not consult my boss for I know for sure that his case is beyond help.

The next day, the student was back! This time with both of his parents who traveled all the way from Tawi-tawi. His parents were old already. And you can see frustrations painted on their faces. All because of the stupidity of their son. Its a pity to see them in that state. Really. But what can I do?

I was actually considering the idea of giving a passing grade to this asshole student of mine just to relieve his parents of this anxiety they are going through. But I dont think I can take the consequences if I’ll do that. My credibility… I dont want to risk it. As a parting message on meeting I had with the parents, I simply told them that I’ll see what I can do but wont promise anything. An act which I later realized is wrong. I should have told them pointblank that the case is hopeless. That way, I wont leave them half hoping for something positive. But anyway, its done.

Monday and Tuesday. I skipped work. I’m out of town. Didnt hear anything from them since the time I gave them my office phone number during the meeting.

Wednesday. I attended a seminar. Thoughts about this student didnt crossed my mind.

Thursday. Back to the workplace. Officemates are telling me that somebody was looking for me on the phone. They handed me a piece of paper. As expected, its the family name of that stupid student. Didnt bother to dwell on it.

Later, the student showed up. This time with an aunt. Whoa!!! I thought they gave up already. But they’re back!!! Grrr!!!

The aunt introduced herself and said that formerly she was with the academe but is now with the CHED. Good! At least I’ll be dealing with somebody who can better understand my situation. But I must say that she tried testing the waters first. Since my stand was firm, they conceeded and moved to their only option which is to enroll again with my class.

Now this is over!

Hey wait! Enroll in my class? Holy s–t! I hope he will do good this time for god’s sake!


My routine got disrupted yesterday when an officemate showed up and asked me a little favor. At first I thought it was office related. But when he started opening his mouth, I knew it instantly that it has something to do with my other profession!

Flashback: Second week of class. One student showed up. It’s his first time to attend.  We were supposed to have our first long exam. I allowed him to take. That was the last time I saw his face.

I’ll elaborate more on this next time… I’m running out of time. I need to evaporate now.


Another Milestone

Contemplative Mood

Contemplative Mood

Last Sunday, around 5:10AM, our son reached another milestone in his life.

Ryx, shown here in a contemplative mood, is on his 8 months- week 4. He usually wakes up at 4 am after a nine or ten hours stretch of night sleep. We didnt bother to adjust his sleeping schedule since it works best for us – his working parents.

Our baby sleeps in between us in our bed with the headboard and the opposite end properly stuck with pillows to avoid Ryx bumping his head or falling off from the bed. When he wakes up at 4am, he usually stays in bed trying to amuse himself by poking our noses, pinch our faces or try to pull our eyelids until such time he gets bored and starts to cry. I usually get up first (although sometimes, it’s very difficult to tear away my self from sleep at this unholy hour) and take him to his crib where he will play with his stuffed toys until he gets fed up with them.

Last Sunday was no ordinary Sunday because for the first time my baby was able to stand up with the support of the railings on his crib all by himself. It all started when he was able to bring himself to one corner of his crib unknowingly. Left without a choice, he tried to hold on to the railings until he was able to have a good grip. Then he tried pulling himself up. In one try, he was able to do it! But it took him awhile. Hurray!!!! Hurray!!!!

Of course we’ve been expecting this to happen anytime soon but I didnt know that I would see it with my very eyes! We are out most of the time during the day and by the time we arrived home early evening, he is already asleep or about to go to sleep. So, the chance of catching him do it for the first time is very slim! But thanks be to God I was able to witness this milestone myself.

Do you want to know what happened next? He got stuck with that position! According to experts, its easier for babies to master the skills of standing up than to sit down from a standing position. That explains it! So, after a while, my poor Ryx started crying. Papa to the rescue!!!

Pinoy Fear Factor

I was able to watch the pilot episode of Pinoy Fear Factor – Argentina, South America last night. Lucky for me, the show’s timeslot is not in conflict with another show ( a foreign one) which is my wife’s favorite and we seldom miss every monday evening. Here’s my assessment about the show based on the initial episode:

The show kicked off with some sort of a brief background information on every participants. This is good in order for the viewers to get acquainted with the contestants.

The pacing of the show is nice… it’s not dragging. I hope it will remain that way till the conclusion of the show.

Too much flesh! So i’ll leave this to you if you like it or not! 😉

The timeslot is okay. Not too late and not too early!

I hate the dubbing. I’m very particular with this. So sorry for that!

And I dont like the idea of incorporating foreign-words-other-than english to the show – participantes, kasa, etc.

Ooppps, before I forget… I didnt quite get the elimination process of the participants! I dont know if it was me or it was just really too fast! Actually, before the show started I was already wondering how the elimination process will work considering their format is not like the usual AXN Fear Factor.

Cant tell anything about the stunts and challenges yet. I’ll give my piece later when I get to see them.

Now, judging the show in its entirety (for now!) i think the it is something to watch out for. So to the people behind this show, congratulations!!!!

Shoppers’ Center – The Gateway

I had a bad experience with this relatively new mall here in our place last Saturday, Nov. 8.

For the first time, I visited the Supermarket section together with my wife. We did our shopping there that time contrary to our usual setup because that is the most convenient place to buy our stuffs for that time being. Well, the place is nice! The goods are properly stacked and arranged in such a manner very convenient to the shoppers. The lanes are wide and the whole area is very clean. Though there’s one thing i failed to do – compare prices with other store.

Anyway, the problem cropped up when we were about to pay our purchases. While the cashier was punching the last few items of the goods in our cart, my wife left me and proceeded to the meat section. When I handled my credit card to the cashier, she instantly retorted that they do not accept such! Whaaaaat?! I thought they were accepting major credit card payments as expressly posted on an area near the entrance?! So, I pointed this out to the cashier. She explained that their POS Machines are only accepting  card X and Y only for the moment and apologized for the inconvenience. She did all that in a very nice manner (good she did it that way!). She even added that I was not the first person to complain about it and the management is doing something to avoid the same trouble.

What was the good thing about this incident is that it didnt happen on peak hours. I could just imagine the shame it will bring us if it was otherwise… the long queue of shoppers all staring at you. So, I didnt bother to make a big fuss out of it!

Now you might wonder if we continued with our purchase. Yes we did inspite of the inconvenience. My wife rushed to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw cash for it. As to the question of whether we’ll return to this establishment again considering what happened… ah, perhaps I will only after double checking the more precise announcement of credit cards accepted.

Fort Pilar

Fort Pilar is a structure in Zamboanga City, Philippines built by the Spaniards around 16th century. The eastern side of it was converted into a shrine with an image of the Lady of the Pillar placed on top. This place never fails to fascinate me. Every day, myriad of people drop by to visit the place and pay homage to Our Lady of the Pillar. Some hear mass, some say a little prayer then go and some offer candles in exchange for petitions or favors.  But its the way the candle vendors do their business that is most interesting.

I didnt quite get it the very first time I heard and saw these candle vendors do the trading. Mio! mio! mio! That was what these vendors are shouting every now and then. Mio! mio! Then one of the vendor will approach a customer and sell his or her ware with the rest of the vendors remaining seated on their posts. That made me wondered. How come the vendors dont flock whenever a customer is about the buy candles? How come whenever there is a customer, only one person will nonchalantly stand up and bring her candles to the customer?

Later, i found out about the system they employ in determining their customers. The first vendor who shouts mio! will get the customer. So, whenever a prospective client is fast approaching, the first person to shout mio! will get it! Since these vendors are positioned on one side of the left-side gate of the shrine, everybody has the equal chance of seeing a coming customer since they have the same line of vision. Fair enough!

Whenever I visit the shrine, these mio! chants in various pitch always make me smile. Now I remember! The scene from FINDING NEMO! The pelican(?) birds…

Mine! Mine! Mine!