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Are you using disposable diapers for your babies? How much do you spend for diapers every month?

My wife just recently gave birth. That means we will be setting aside some cash for the disposable diapers. Don’t ask anymore why we settled for disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers because in our case, disposable diaper is more convenient and more efficient to our lifestyle. Anyway, while shopping for diapers one day, I came across a new brand in the market. The trade name is SWEETBABY. It was so cheap so I bought one pack and tried it.

Happy with the results, I checked the packaging and discovered that this product is actually Philippine-made (which made me more proud). The company is QUANTA PAPER CORPORATION. What’s nice about this company is that they are using recycled paper for their product. Sweetbaby is their new product and it is now out in the market at an introductory price (bought lots already while at an introductory price… hehehe ) . Below are my observations about the Sweetbaby Disposable Diapers.

1. The material used is so absorbent. It is at par with the leading brands in the market.

2. The size is very suitable for Filipinos. I am currently using the small size and it fits my son ( 7 lbs) very well. I’ve tried the newborn size available in the market and believe me the size is too big for the baby. The re-fastenable tapes will overlap. But not the Sweetbaby.

3. The high-cut design is also great.

4. The price is very cheap. You can save up to 50% compared to the other brands. For the size small, if you will buy the pack with 24 diapers, the cost per diaper  is P 3.65 only. Other brands are priced at P 6.00 per diaper at least. Big savings, right?

The next time you shop for diapers, try using this brand. I hope you will like it too. The product comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes packed in color-coded packaging.

Just a note to the manufacturer, adding a “wetness indicator” in the product will increase its marketability. Also big packs with more content.


It’s Showtime!

Yes! After avidly waiting for how many days, my wifey finally gave birth last May 25, 2011. We’re so glad that she didn’t have a hard time delivering the baby.

That very day, we were scheduled to see her doctor for her weekly appointment. After making her exams, the doctor said that the big day might be later today or tomorrow. So we went back to the office and just stayed calm and of course hoped for the best.

Around 3pm, wifey started feeling some contractions. We decided to go home so she can still freshen up and to leave some last minute instructions to the people at home so they will know what to do while we were away.

5pm. Gaps in between contractions were getting shorter. So we decided to leave for the hospital which is about 15 kilometers away.

6pm. Arrived at the hospital. Wifey was wheeled-in to the labor room. She stayed there for a while but was adviced to go to our room considering the cervix opening was only 3cm.

10:33pm. Water bag broke! Transported wifey back to the labor room then eventually to the delivery room after the exam. They knew the baby was coming since it was 7-8 cm already.

11:27pm. Baby was born! Weight: 7 lbs; Height: 51 cm


Here’s his name: ZYK RANEE.