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The office assigned me to be the coordinator for badminton during the sportsfest as coordinator. Yeah! I was assigned that task. Which meant I was bestowed with big responsibility… I became responsible with the rules to be played, the different categories such as men’s doubles, women doubles, etc., the number of entries, schedules of games and of course the shuttlecocks. I also supervised the officials and see to it that they also have their allotted snacks. Now that the event was over, I think I have to make an evaluation.

It was already planned. Before the game proper, all the coordinators should meet. I’m glad that I stuck to that plan. When we convened, all issues were brought up. Issues about double entry, scoring system and game format were discussed. All were settled right there and then by the concurrence of the majority.

One thing I overlooked is that I relied on the over-all sports coordinator too much. Even if I submitted to him the rules and games format to be sent to participating regions, I should have called each region and presented to them the mechanics of the game before the scheduled event. In that manner at least they can come prepared.

Finally, we forgot to have a group picture taking before the opening of the game. Sigh!

Anyway, below are some pictures of the different teams in action.

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Judgment Day

I’m just glad that our preparations for the 2012 XXX Mindanao Sportsfest paid off! We emerged the champion in the Badminton -Men Doubles Category. Yay!

The teams who participated in that category were Black Team, Red Team, Yellow Team, Blue Team and Violet Team, our team. During elimination round which was on a round-robin game format, we were ranked first since we beat the rest of the teams. Second was the Red Team while the Black Team and Blue Team were ranked third and fourth, respectively.

During the semis, Black Team played against Red Team and the Blue Team against our team. The powerful smashes of the duo from the Red Team easily earned them a slot for the finals. On the other hand, our team capitalized on the weak defense of Blue Team, thus claiming the other slot of the finals.

The championship match was a thriller! Our team scored only 13 points in the first game. During the second game, we reached 20 points first with the Red Team 2 points trailing behind. Our opponents were able to even out the score because of two consecutive errors on our side. But we regained our composure and scored succeeding rallies sealing off the second game.

On the third game, our team changed the game plan. We fired a combination of overhead shots, drives and drop shots thus we were able to see their weakness. This plot became our passport to victory with a score of 21-8. The event was held at the Cultural Center of Dapitan City on June 14-15, 2012.

Congratulations to us!

Hitting Shuttlecocks (Again!)

If not for this upcoming sportsfest in our office (which is a few days from now), I would not be able to step inside a badminton court again. That’s why I am so thankful of this upcoming activity. Not only I get a regular exercise but a chance to meet old badminton friends (Thong Guan Shuttlers) again.

On my first session, I made a point to take a picture of the court where years ago I was a regular visitor ( as in every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). The moment I entered Summit Centre, memories started flooding back! Of course, I was a bit apprehensive also if my skill (if there’s any! hehehe) is still there.

The culmination of the session proved one thing. The skill is still there. But stamina, speed and consistency should be worked on.

Now, three weeks after that first session I believe there’s a huge improvement already. But still there are things that I should practice and remember always:

  1. On offensive position and when your in front of your partner, put up the racket always.
  2. In relation to number 1, grip your racket tightly and don’t put much effort when blocking the shuttles.
  3. Be conscious with the position of your partner when deciding the type of shots to play to your opponents.
  4. Stay relax and go with the rhythm.

I would like to thank Anna Rice for her instructional videos on YouTube. They were really really useful, too. There are other good videos there too I’m sure. I just don’t have the time to view them all.

Next week is judgment day already. I hope I will deliver. So help me God!

p.s.  The downside of these regular practices is that my time with my kids were shortened. It’s summer and supposedly, I should be home earlier than schooldays. But it didn’t and it won’t happen. 😦