Monthly Archives: November 2012


The following are Zyk’s commonly-used words:


Papa – Me

Mama – Reena

Man– Manang referring to Rianne

Te – Ate

Dida – his Nanny

Mamu – Reena’s Mom

Bii – Baby/ Toddler

Pumba – his Lovey which is not actually Pumba but Timon from the Lion King

Piggy – Kuya’s Lovey though sometimes he calls it “Kiggy”

Mu -Moon

Staa  – Star

Caa – Car

Bo – Ball

Clo – Clock

Fi – fish

Moo – Cow or any four-legged animal other than the next word

Doh – Dog

Durty – Dirty

Pupu – Poop and more often than not after saying it his next word would be “Yiiii”

Wala – none and he says this while opening his two hands palms facing up


Oh, I almost forgot.




Still undefined. 🙂