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Note: This entry was written by my wife, Eena

“Mama, ug ma dead na ta, i-bury na ta sa soil? Then musaka na ta sa sky? Magkita na dayun ta ni Banty sa heaven??!!! Ug ni Kevin? Ug ni Anna Manalastas?”

That was what Ryx said last weekend, with the part about Banty being said very enthusiastically. Of course, for those who watch the “100-days to Heaven” teleserye, you would know who Kevin and Ana are. I’m not really sure what started the conversation. May he just remembered that the character of Kevin recently passed away in the soap opera, or it was something else. But what really touched me was the simplicity that my Ryx looked at death. For him, dying was as simple as that, getting buried in the soil, then going up to the sky (where heaven is, according to his Papa.) and then the added bonus was seeing Banty, our pet dog, again, whom he saw last being buried in his grave after dying of UTI (we think.) As an afterthought, he also said, “Magkita napud ta ni Daddy Rene?” which of course I answered positively, yes, magkita pud ta ni Daddy Rene. And then after a split second, after realizing what we were talking about, I hastily continued:

ME: But dugggaaaaaayyyy pa kaayo na doy…kay dugay pa man ta ma dead.

Ryx: Dugay pa Mama?

Me: Yes, dugay pa kaayo.

Ryx: Kay dili pa man ta old Mama, nu? Dugay pa ta ma dead!

Me: Yes.

After that, I stirred the topic to less frightening thoughts (at least for me, they were frightening). I was trying to avoid where the conversation might lead. He would probably say next: “Si Mamu, Mama, hapit na ma-dead? Kay old naman sya...” Something which I’d rather not think about yet. Thankfully, my ploy worked and he forgot about what we were talking about.

He asked me once where heaven was, I said it’s a very faraway place, to which he countered, “Sa Dipolog?” to which I had to laughingly reply, no, not in Dipolog, or Basilan, or Cebu, or Manila, or Davao..basta, layoooooo kaayo! These are places which he knows, are far away since Ritche and I have been absent from the home on several occasions when we had to go on a trip in relation to work, sometimes, Ryx was lucky to have tagged along too. But he wasn’t very satisfied with my abstract description of where heaven was. Thankfully, his Papa solved that. Heaven is up there, in the sky. So, there!

Sometimes I wish we could look at serious things such as death and heaven the way children do. Although to be honest, I’d really rather not think about such things. Or maybe if I have to, I could look at it like Ryx does, in a positive way! It’s really true what the Bible says, we should be child-like for us to enter heaven. I’m not really sure if that’s how the passage went, but I think it’s something like that. I also wonder sometimes how we are supposed to explain to a very trusting child, the harsh realities of life. I can just imagine how it would hurt him, or dismay him later, once he realizes the world also has its dark side. What I can only hope and pray for is that no matter what situation he finds himself in the future, he will always have that little boy in him, who sees the good out of everything. The little boy who sees death as being able to see loved ones again, and not worrying about those who will be left behind. (maybe because he knows they will just follow eventually?).

But if the topic crops up again, I would have to gently, but firmly tell him that for now, Banty, Kevin, Ana Manalastas and even Daddy Rene, have to be patient. Hopefully, with God’s grace, we can still do many things to do here on earth, with his Papa, Baby Brother and all others, before we can go to heaven and see those who have gone ahead. And like the trusting person that he is, he would accept my statement and I can even imagine him adding, “with Dida and Lulu pud, Mama!”

eenskie 10/19/2011



Palaro in December (Part 2)







No, I just added the last two. Hehehe! These are the events in the coming sports fest. It is really a sports fest indeed considering the events. My gulay! No wonder people are asking for additional uniforms. But can we just concentrate on two events only? So we can cut costs?

My officemates are the competitive type. It’s a good thing actually. But sometimes it gets overboard. Like this one. Some are skipping office in order to practice. Yeah! They are that serious. Trading office hours for practice just to be sure they will come prepared when the competition day arrives.

Anyway, I overheard somebody saying that this sports fest is just for fun.

Fun? With these kind of people? Ha! The way things are going? Ha! In your dreams!

Palaro in December

When our new director assumed his position, bits and pieces of information about him were flying all around the corners of the office. One info that is very pleasant to my ear is his being sports minded.

Yay! Tournaments and other sports activities will be flourishing!

When October came, the director held a meeting with the chiefs of the different divisions. The result of the meeting was announced. THERE WILL BE A SPORTS FEST COMING THIS HOLIDAY.

What?! Sports fest this Christmas?!

We never had sports activities in December at the office ever since (or since the time I joined the bureau). That’s why the announcement was a surprise! But what can we (or was it I only?) do?!


Later, all the employees were grouped into four groups, represented by Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. It follows that uniforms are necessary… so one shirt for every individual was allocated. But knowing these people here in the bureau, they won’t settle only with that.

Now, things are getting overboard. For me that is. Accordingly, one team has three sets of uniforms. Another team has complete jersey uniforms plus jogging pants. And another team with jacket as supplement.



Wifey and I arrived home very very late last night – Wifey worked overtime while I came from school. We got stranded somewhere in town because of the rain. Well, we didn’t use Chubi because the sun was bright early in the morning and there was no indication that it will rain.

When we arrived home past 10pm, Ryx was already asleep while Zyk was still wide awake. According to Dida, Zyk went to bed earlier. Maybe he was not contented not to see us before going to Neverland that’s why he woke up before we arrived home. Few minutes after, Wifey and I were ready for bed. Zyk was showing signs that he was sleepy as well. So we went inside the room.

(Pre-Zyk days, we have one maternity bed in our room. When Ryx became 3 years old, we needed an extra bed since our old bed can no longer accommodate us. The new single-sized bed was placed beside the old one since Ryx was not ready yet to sleep apart from us. When Zyk was born, we rearranged our beds in such a way that one side [apart from the headboard] is against the wall. That way, the chances of kids falling off the bed would be slim. The downside of this setup is there’s a one-inch gap between the two mattresses whiche we termed as the Suez Canal! Hehe!)

Ryx was already sleeping in his usual place which is the side adjacent to the wall. My usual place is on the other end parallel to Ryx while Zyk would stay in between me and wifey. That night, after putting all my efforts Zyk finally fell asleep (putting him to sleep is struggle lately because we are training him to sleep on the bed on his own instead of carrying him) he was occupying wifey’s bed space already. Left without a choice, wifey, who was dog tired due to her overtime work at the office,  took Zyk’s place. In effect, they ended up exchanging places.

After putting Zyk to sleep, I lost the urge so I took the book I’m currently reading and started  flipping the pages.

When it was my time to join them, wifey took my space already. I have no choice but to stay in between wifey and Zyk. While there, I could not go to sleep. Maybe it was because of the new position… or maybe it was my subconscious telling me that our position is not right. It’s kinda dangerous to leave Ryx and Zyk side by side you know. Ryx might end up on top of Zyk. I transferred and stayed in between my boys.

Never mind the discomfort brought about by the Suez Canal… but being SANDWICHED by my two kids is a perfect bliss!!! How I wish wifey was awake so she can take pictures.

November 15, 2011


My partnership with you has come to an end. And this is the saddest part… saying good bye.

But before that, I want to thank you for the nice memories in San Remigio Beach Club, Cebu… Davao… and most of all your presence in my daily struggles in life. Sniff!

Thank you!