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Reading the Entries

The site gave its readers an assignment on its “LitWit Challenge: Write a story about a magical object that must be destroyed” entry.

I read two entries so far before the weekend. Now I want to know if there are additional entries posted before the cut-off. I wasn’t able to check the site during the weekend.

Hmmm… there are additional entries.

Let’s see if they have the creative juices to come up with something nice. 🙂


Exclusive Post

Time has changed.

We have entered the era where people share to almost everybody what they are into, what they are up to and the likes. Thanks to social media for making this possible.

But there are times wherein you wanted to share something to a limited number of people only. How do you do it? For facebook users, here’s one:

See the “FRIENDS” list on the left side of your HOME view? Found? Okay, the first on the list is CLOSED FRIENDS, then FAMILY.

Try clicking the FAMILY for example. If this is your first time to click this, there will be a step by step guide. Anyway, you cannot see any item in the NEWS FEED, right? Here’s what you will do:  go to the LIST found on the right side and start adding the names of the persons that you want to be included in the family list. Gradually, you will see the updates from the persons you included in the news feed. If you are through adding names on the list, you’re done!

The next time you want to post an update and you want to share it only to the persons included in your FAMILY LIST, simply click the FAMILY and then post your update. Only these people found in the list can see your update.

Go and try it!

New Dentist

while clutching the dinosaur which is his source of strength

while clutching the dinosaur which is his source of strength

Ryx’s first visit to a dental clinic went okay. The dentist was able to extract his lower front tooth without a fuss.  But by the time he was ready for his overdue second visit, his dentist was not available. So we had to look for another dentist before he changed his mind.

We were able to visit 3 clinics before we found the right one. The clinic was closed for our first choice. the same goes for our second option. The third was, his approach was so aggresive and we didn’t like his manners. Let me elaborate a little on that.

Ryx was already seated on his dental chair when at the last minute he decided not to continue. Guess what the dentist told us? He said that we needed to hold Ryx tight no matter what while he will do the procedures. On that note, we backed out and left the clinic.

Anyway, we made the right choice for his new dentist. The dentist was a lady and she specializes in Pediatric Dentistry – something we didn’t expect to exist in our place. Hehehe!

Everything went smoothly. She asked Ryx to seat on the dental chair and made him relax. Their interaction was okay… Ryx obeyed everything she said and answered all questions asked. She has to apply anesthesia before pulling the tooth. Before doing so, she showed Ryx a bottle with a picture of strawberry and said ” We will put something ha?” with emphasis on the red substance on the bottle.

After a while, she told Ryx to cover his eyes with a follow up that it wont hurt… “Parang kagat lang ng langgam.” No protest from Ryx. Very submissive. Hmmm. This dentist has charm.

Her next statement was “Ipa-dance natin ang ngipin mo ha!” and presto! milk tooth extracted! Ryx panicked when he saw blood coming out. The dentist calmed him by saying it was just the red substance she applied earlier. And Ryx’s fears vanished. She wiped the blood and placed a rolled cotton on the area.

Before we left, the dentist asked Ryx to pick a toy from her collections as a reward for being good. We thought Ryx will pick the firetruck displayed which I think is not part of the giveaways. He opted for the dinosaur which is his latest interest.