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It’s open

I was able to visit Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center by accident the other Saturday, August 9, 2014. Yeah, it’s open for business already. They had their soft opening a few days ago accordingly and will launch a grand opening ceremony on a later date.

My wife has a date with her dentist on that date. When I visited the dentist’s old clinic to confirm our appointment, I was informed that she was on her new clinic in the mentioned hospital. So I headed there immediately for confirmation and eventually when wifey arrived (I left the house ahead of her for other errands), the date materialized.

Below are the pictures I was able to take while in the hospital. Sorry if the pictures were not very clear. They were taken using my Samsung Champ phone only.











Information Counter











Hospital Directory










Ground Floor LobbyPhoto-0725 








View from the 6th Floor (or was it 5th?) front side overlooking the Putik Area and Tugbungan Area on the farther side








View from the 6th Floor (or was it 5th?) right side










View from the 6th Floor (or was it 5th?) left side


I think it is the biggest hospital in Zamboanga Archipelago with 6 floors to boast plus 2 basements. I wish I have the data for the number of rooms, patient capacity, number of clinics and other relevant data.

Anyway, let’s just watch out for the grand opening of the newest hospital in Zamboanga City soon!!!

Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center is conveniently located at MCLL HI-way, Putik, Zamboanga City.





No… the title has nothing to do with the movie starred my megastar and juday if i am not mistaken. The title just refers to my two sons. 🙂

I will share to you also Eena’s (that’s my wife, for the new followers) thoughts about the picture. Here it is:

This picture tugs at my heartstrings….My boys look so serene. It’s so touching to see Zyk trustingly holding on to his Kuya’s arm while they seem to be looking at something far away.(I already forgot what they were gazing at.)

If only they are always this way, together hanging out peacefully. But then again, maybe all those times that they fight and bicker over every small thing, make this picture more precious. (I can just hear their chorused protestations: Akô ni, akô ni!! Ako diha, ako diha! Bad ka Zyk, bad ka Kuya! Then they usually both end up crying at the top of their lungs…) Because somehow this image tells me that despite all the spats they have, at the end of the day, they are brothers. And that when they are not at each other’s throats (usually figuratively only, although on rare occasions, this could be literal!), they are the best of friends, and they have a blast playing their games together. (“Diha daw imong kampo Zyk, ako pud diri.”) My only hope and prayer is that when they grow up, they will always look back to these times when they were still small boys, and wherever life may bring them, may they always be there for each other.

This captured moment also makes me realize that children really are just reflections of the more complicated aspects of life. Sometimes life seems to be in a constant turmoil. But then again, the hardships makes me appreciate the goods times even more, and the cliché that there is always a rainbow after the rain, rings truer than ever. Maybe if grown ups can just be more like children, life’s “downs” will be easier to endure, because holding on means that there are always the “ups” just waiting at the next bend.


Gold Medalist


Ryx, my 5 year old son, was the 1st placer in the Reading/Writing – Headstart Category during the 4th Regional Special Education Festival. It was held in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. He represented Zamboanga City Division. Second and third place were awarded to Isabela City Division and Zamboanga del Sur Division, respectively.

The contest has the following criteria:


It was a closed-door contest so his coach and his chaperon (who is my wifey) don’t have any idea what happened in the competition. But according to the judges, my son aced the Writing part.

Yay! We are so proud of you!


Photo credit: http://www.illustrationsof.com/216787-royalty-free-medal-clipart-illustration