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MMC Math Challenge (Grade 1)

Do you need sample questions for the Grade 1 Metrobank – MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge? Check below:

1. What is the sum? 11+12+13+14+15+16+17

2. What is the tens digit of the sum 47 + 56?

3. Jo has 48 candies. She will give 5 candies to each of her friends. What is the largest number of candies that she can give?

4. Kit and Kat had 50 stickers in all. Then, Kit gave Kat 5 stickers. They then have equal number of stickers. How many stickers had Kit initially?

5. Angel colored the flowers drawn on her book as follows: pink, red, purple, yellow, pink, red, purple, yellow and so on. What color is the 30th flower?

6. An Old book has missing pages. Next to page 20 is page 35. How many sheets of paper were missing?

7. Shown is a stair that is 3 cubes tall. How many more cubes are needed to make the stairs 8 cubes high?

8. Rico had 55 pesos. Father gave him two 50-peso bills. Uncle gave him four 20-peso bills. How much money had Rico in all?

9. If the digits in 58 are interchanged, will the number increase or decrease? By how much?

10. A total of 50 men and women are in a bus. There are 14 more men than women. How many women are in the bus?

11. Ms. Peres has 40 pupils in her class. Yesterday, ¼ of the number of pupils were absent. How many pupils were present?

12. How many digits are used for printing the page numbers of a booklet with 25 pages?

13. Mother made 15 cookies. There are 10 cookies with raisins and 10 cookies with nuts. How many cookies have both raisins and nuts?

14. A bus can hold 45 passengers. The bus starts out empty and picks up 1 passenger at the first stop, 2 passengers at the second stop, 3 passengers at the third stop and so forth. After how many stops will the bus be full?

15. Ben and his younger sister have the same birthday. This year, the sum of their ages in years, is 21. What would be the sum of their ages 3 years from now?