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In one of our vacations

 in Dipolog City with Reena’s folks, Ryx was able to find a book entitled “I wonder why Triceratops have horns (and other questions about dinosaurs).” We didn’t know about this encounter until our return from the trip when Ryx kept on asking us similar questions found on the book. The conversation went this way:

Ryx: Unsa tawag sa dinosaur nga naa tulo ka horns?

Reena: Triceratops

Ryx: Unsa ang biggest dinosaur?

Me: T Rex?

Ryx: Unsa Papa??

Me: Dili ku sure. T Rex gaha.

Ryx: He, kabalo ka. Naa tu sa book didto kanda Mamang Girlie.


His manner of questioning is so kulit! He won’t stop unless he will get a clear answer.

Then last month, when his Mamang Girlie and Tito Toto came here to attend the graduation of Ryan, they brought the book and loaned it to Ryx.

Hay! It was a relief! He didn’t pester us with questions anymore.

But the other side of it was that we were at his beck and call. He asked us to read it for him anytime he wanted to, daytime or nighttime, brownout or not, whether we are preoccupied or free, whether we’re up to it or too tired and sleepy. It was okay for the first few times… but the succeeding times were tiresome already. Makarabya ya kay bira-bira lang. Grrr!

However, his interest with the book waned after a while. Thanks be to God!

But just last Friday, when his Mamang Girlie and Tito Toto came to attend the awarding ceremony of Ryan (during Dia di Caling), Ryx requested for another book. And his Tito Toto promised to send all of them- 23 remaining volumes to be exact!

Oh no! I don’t think we have the patience for that!

We conspired Manang Girlie to send a few instead. So when Josel arrived from Dipolog last Sunday, she brought 3. We will give one at a time to him.

So now we’re back to square one. Back to reading sessions na paulit-ulit.


My “More-for-More” Wife

Yesterday, I was able to read an article on the Philippine Star about the three kinds of employees. Theres the “less for more” people, the “more for more” people and the “more for less” people. Below is the complete description of each type as featured in the article.


“ “Less for more” people: These people come to you for more budget, promise you more in return, and end up doing less than was originally promised! So, not a good deal. You give them more than budgeted — and they still miss the original target! These people are at the bottom of the organization and the first to go when a restructuring comes.


“ “More for more” people: These are people who come to you for more budget, promise you more in return, and then give you exactly what they promised. These folks are okay and the backbone of any organization.


“ “More for less” people: These are the exceptional players in the company. They come to you with budget savings and give you money back! And on top of that, they over-deliver their original goals. So they give you more results with less money! These are your stars.”


My wife belongs to the third type if I may say. Assign her something and she will give her 101% effort to deliver great results. From a tiny task to something more elaborate… the result is at par with excellence. She never settles for mediocrity… always next to perfection.


Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Of course it is a good thing!


But sometimes it gets in the way. It just gets in the way.


Now that our Christmas Party is over, we decided to bring Ryx to the office. Anyway, he doesn’t have class anymore and we on the other hand don’t have any urgent task to do.

When we reached the office, we had our usual rounds among the people close to us. The first stop was at the director’s staff where Ma’am Bel was assigned. The usual hi and hello. Then suddenly Eena suggested that Ryx will sing the Christmas songs he learned in school and from us. To our surprise, he started singing JOY TO THE WORLD with O MAGSAYA. JINGLE BELLS and SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN followed. He did that without any coercion from us. Then other officemates were beginning to approach the caucus made by Ryx’s singing. They started teasing Ma’am Bel that Ryx was doing a Christmas carol and he deserves something. She was about to get money from her purse but Eena stopped her. Eena’s intention was to show off our son’s talent… nothing more than that. Besides, we don’t want Ryx to get the impression that if he does something he will be rewarded with money. Fortunately, she respected Eena’s decision. So Ma’am Bel gave some candies.

It was the other way around when Ryx reached my workplace. After he was summoned by Ma’am Elsa and then performed his singing, people started giving bills and goodies. Same thing happened when our pretty and bubbly Assistant Director called him to her office. He earned a few bills, some chocolates and a big kiss after his stint!

Later that afternoon, another friend (In-in) saw Ryx at the lobby. She asked Ryx if he can come along with her to her workstation. Ryx was hesitant at first. But when we told him that Tita Annie was there, he allowed himself to be tagged along. He even brought his assistant with him in the person of Kweng-kweng. After his rendition (with the “accompaniment” of Kweng-kweng), In-in and Annie gave the two kids money bills. Other officemates present also gave some. Eena, the instant manager of Ryx didn’t say a thing about it anymore for fear that they might get offended.

Roughly, Ryx was able to raise equivalent to his two months tuition fees and lots of goodies. Carolling indeed is a good business!


Palaro in December (Part 2)







No, I just added the last two. Hehehe! These are the events in the coming sports fest. It is really a sports fest indeed considering the events. My gulay! No wonder people are asking for additional uniforms. But can we just concentrate on two events only? So we can cut costs?

My officemates are the competitive type. It’s a good thing actually. But sometimes it gets overboard. Like this one. Some are skipping office in order to practice. Yeah! They are that serious. Trading office hours for practice just to be sure they will come prepared when the competition day arrives.

Anyway, I overheard somebody saying that this sports fest is just for fun.

Fun? With these kind of people? Ha! The way things are going? Ha! In your dreams!

Palaro in December

When our new director assumed his position, bits and pieces of information about him were flying all around the corners of the office. One info that is very pleasant to my ear is his being sports minded.

Yay! Tournaments and other sports activities will be flourishing!

When October came, the director held a meeting with the chiefs of the different divisions. The result of the meeting was announced. THERE WILL BE A SPORTS FEST COMING THIS HOLIDAY.

What?! Sports fest this Christmas?!

We never had sports activities in December at the office ever since (or since the time I joined the bureau). That’s why the announcement was a surprise! But what can we (or was it I only?) do?!


Later, all the employees were grouped into four groups, represented by Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. It follows that uniforms are necessary… so one shirt for every individual was allocated. But knowing these people here in the bureau, they won’t settle only with that.

Now, things are getting overboard. For me that is. Accordingly, one team has three sets of uniforms. Another team has complete jersey uniforms plus jogging pants. And another team with jacket as supplement.


Wifey-less Days

Eena is attending a five-day Middle Manager’s Course in Cebu. That’s on Septempver 26-30, 2011. Since her mothers’ birthday is on October 2, we decided that she will pass by Dipolog, her home place to visit her mom on the special day. Wifey will be out for a total of 8 days and will be back by October 3.

This will be her first time to be away since Zyk, our second baby was born last May. She’s still breastfeeding him actually. And for the record, this trip is something monumental considering in her entire office career this would be the longest time she will be out.

So to prepare for the days she will be away, we set aside expressed breast milk. Our quota is a bottle each day. That makes a total of 7 (less one because before she will leave, she will breastfeed Zyk). We’re glad that we were able to meet it…actually we still have one extra. We also made a research on the best way to store expressed milk. It was suggested that it be stored in milk bags so that it will not consume lots of space in the fridge as compared to milk bottles. Since they are not available in the locality we had to resort to on-line purchasing. Good they arrived on time.

On the other side, this will the first time that I will manage the household for that long. I’m wondering what’s in store for me. But in fairness to my Eena dear, she already made all the arrangements at home so that I won’t have to worry lots of things.

Departure Day

Early morning, the entire family (plus Dida to carry Zyk) accompanied Eena to the airport. We hang out with her for a while till it got a bit hot for Zyk. Then we had to go home. Just a few minutes had passed, while on our way home actually, Ryx already asked “Asa si Mama? Gimingaw ku niya.” (Where’s Mama? I miss her.) Poor Ryx.

We spent the entire afternoon inside the bed room. Ryx played Dynomite in the computer (He doesn’t do this on a regular basis) while I was busy playing with Zyk on his play gym. Zyk can control his hands already (How time flies so fast). Later, he looked sleepy so I prepared him a bottle of formula. Ryx also got tired with his computer game so I turned on the media player so he can watch his ever favourite Bob the Builder for the nth time. When Zyk was finally asleep, we switched to Dinosaur movie.

The rest of the afternoon till evening went pretty well.

Day 1

I was one minute late for work because I had to give last minute instructions at home. Everything was okay until I received a text message from Dida that Zyk cried unusually when she was trying to put him to sleep. He only stopped when he was able to sleep. The same thing happened during nap time in the afternoon. Our theory was its teething-related since he kept on sucking his hand and he drools a lot.

Zyk was already asleep when I arrived home from class. So I took the chance of giving Ryx his before-bedtime wash. Kaluoy pud ni sa akong eldest… sige ra makasab-an. Gahi man gud ulo. (uh oh! How do I translate this? Pity naman my eldest. Frequently scolded. Hard headed. Hahaha! Too literal.)

By the way, Zyk took his share of breast milk, after it was cooled down in basin of water, as soon as he finished his morning bath!

Day 2

Around 3am, Zyk woke up and became so active – a product of too much sleep during daytime I guess. We stayed in bed till 4am … the time he went back to sleep. He woke up later around 6am. A few minutes after Ryx also got up. Then we went through our usual morning routine.

While I was at the office, I had to text Dida every now and then to monitor Zyk. He was fine except for the constant crying when he was about to go to sleep.

I arrived home almost 6:30pm already due to our volleyball practice. Zyk was awake this time while Ryx was playing with his toy animals. I ate my dinner fast then took over Dida in carrying Zyk who was asleep at this point. Dida this time assisted Ryx on his bath.

After a while Zyk woke up from his nap. I played with the kids for awhile as I was trying to get a glimpse the series “100 days to heaven.” I took them inside the room when Ryx complained that he was already sleepy.

Zyk slept without any effort. Very good! I was able to attend the demands of Ryx –two bedtime stories with two bottles of milk plus constant fanning on his head because he is not satisfied with the electric fan. Whew!

Day 3

Before Eena left, she already planned the menu for us. Unfortunately, the menu was until today only. In other words, I have to make the menu for the coming days. It racked my brains actually. I didn’t expect that such task which I thought was simple took me hours to finish. Anyway, I was able to come up with the menu until Monday, the time of her return but the ingredients were not complete yet. This means I have to do some marketing either tonight or tomorrow or the days to come.

On other things, everything went well except for Ryx. He was showing symptoms of colds which prompted me to make a research (again) about it. We have to be extra careful this time with Zyk around. Lulu was planning to give her some medications but I stopped her. I advise her to give Vitamin C instead.

Day 4

Around 3am today, I woke up to change Zyk’s diapers. I was so surprised to see Zyk wearing two diapers. One on top of the other! I remember I woke up and changed his nappy earlier. Maybe I was still half-asleep…so, instead of changing it, I put on a new one. Poor Zyk.

Early morning, I discovered that the pages of the recently purchased book “The Grouchy Ladybug” were covered with crayons. Arrrggggh! I scolded Ryx then confiscated the book.

Armed with teether (cleaned and refrigerated per instructions of wifey) as the instant relief of Zyk being crabby, we found out that Zyk’s crying isn’t teething-related after all. Maybe it was just an effect of having less breast milk intake? Hmmmm…

Day 5

Brushing teeth very very late has become a habit. Instead of doing it before going to bed, I was able to do it at 2am or 3am already. No, I didn’t plan to have it that way. It just happened… from day 1! Afraid of breaking the momentum of sleepiness of the kids, I jump straight to bed to join them as soon as we get inside the room. (Hey! I took my shower before eating dinner in case you are wondering!) While in the process of putting them to sleep, I ended sound asleep as well. That explains it.

While at the office today, I received a text message from Dida that Ryx was home from school with his report card. I texted back Dida stating not to give me details because I want to see it myself. I was so excited to see it and it was the first thing I checked when I got home. To tell you the truth, I’m not satisfied with his grades (English – 86; Science – 85; Mathematics – 85). As for his character, it’s another proof that kids have dual identity – “good” at home and “very good” in school.

Day 6

The sleepless nights are taking its toll. I was so weak. But still I managed to continue with our morning routine with Zyk. After that, I instructed Dida and Lulu as to what they’ll do for today. While they were busy outside doing some yard work, Ryx’s friends showed up. I don’t have plans of entertaining them but seeing Ryx so happy with his friends around; I decided to cook something for them. (Instant pancit canton only)

Zyk was so good that he maintained his awake-and-sleep routine. That being predictable, I was able to make myself busy with other things. But things got sour in the afternoon. Ryx started throwing tantrums… a product of no nap during the day. I know he was sleepy but he doesn’t want to sleep. As a result, he became crabby and started craving for some junk foods to which I disagreed. Then he started shouting then crying then shouting and began hitting me! I lost my temper… I was able to spank his hand. He cried so hard and it made my heart melt. He befriended me after a while. I gave him a pack of curls after his very short nap (5 minutes).

Late afternoon, I gave Ryx a short spin around the community.

Day 7

I woke up ahead of my alarm time and was ready to go to the airport to get the breast milk. Since Eena will still pass by Dipolog, she sent the expressed frozen milk to her co-participants at the training who are coming back to Zamboanga. Good thing I was at the airport early because the plane arrived ahead of time.

Eena was actually apprehensive over the milk. When she packed them, the lid was not tightly closed. She actually left one pack because it can no longer fit the chest. So she had to rely on the packing tape to seal the chest. Good thing the milk packs were still frozen when they arrived. As soon as I got home, I sorted the milk packs according to date and piled them inside the freezer. I took two bags (the oldest) and placed them in the ref to be used today.

I thought I could take a nap today. But to no avail. We were actually lying in bed already and Zyk was asleep when suddenly, Ryx got up and complained that he was hungry. I had to get up and prepare the food for him. Of course I could have called Dida or Lulu to do it but opted not to. They have been doing this task Monday to Friday so I’ll take charge. Still manageable anyway.

Ryx’s grades were still bothering me. So, I texted a college classmate who has a son about the age of Ryx but is attending another school. I inquired about grading system. Accordingly, in the school where his son is enrolled, the highest possible grade for first grading period is 84. Well, if that’s the case, my eldest son’s mark is already exemplary. Yihaaaa!!!

Day 8

Around 3am… Brownout! Oh no! Our precious breast milk! Good thing, the current came back after a while. I was actually having lots of scenarios in my head on what to do if the brownout will continue for a long time. When the current was back, I immediately went out to check the freezer. Our precious were fine. Went back to sleep.

5:30am. Got out of bed. Then did my usual stuffs. Then gave specific instructions on how to thaw the frozen milk since it would be their first time to do it.

Now. Yay! I just realized that I’m down to the final day! Can’t wait to see wife back home (she’s arriving in a while – 6pm to be exact)!  I know I should be working and preparing for my class tonight. But who cares! I think I can manage it without any preparation. Anyway, I’m just happy that I was able to survive the 8-day stretch! And most importantly, I’m so excited to be in the loving arms of my wife again.