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Now that our Christmas Party is over, we decided to bring Ryx to the office. Anyway, he doesn’t have class anymore and we on the other hand don’t have any urgent task to do.

When we reached the office, we had our usual rounds among the people close to us. The first stop was at the director’s staff where Ma’am Bel was assigned. The usual hi and hello. Then suddenly Eena suggested that Ryx will sing the Christmas songs he learned in school and from us. To our surprise, he started singing JOY TO THE WORLD with O MAGSAYA. JINGLE BELLS and SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN followed. He did that without any coercion from us. Then other officemates were beginning to approach the caucus made by Ryx’s singing. They started teasing Ma’am Bel that Ryx was doing a Christmas carol and he deserves something. She was about to get money from her purse but Eena stopped her. Eena’s intention was to show off our son’s talent… nothing more than that. Besides, we don’t want Ryx to get the impression that if he does something he will be rewarded with money. Fortunately, she respected Eena’s decision. So Ma’am Bel gave some candies.

It was the other way around when Ryx reached my workplace. After he was summoned by Ma’am Elsa and then performed his singing, people started giving bills and goodies. Same thing happened when our pretty and bubbly Assistant Director called him to her office. He earned a few bills, some chocolates and a big kiss after his stint!

Later that afternoon, another friend (In-in) saw Ryx at the lobby. She asked Ryx if he can come along with her to her workstation. Ryx was hesitant at first. But when we told him that Tita Annie was there, he allowed himself to be tagged along. He even brought his assistant with him in the person of Kweng-kweng. After his rendition (with the “accompaniment” of Kweng-kweng), In-in and Annie gave the two kids money bills. Other officemates present also gave some. Eena, the instant manager of Ryx didn’t say a thing about it anymore for fear that they might get offended.

Roughly, Ryx was able to raise equivalent to his two months tuition fees and lots of goodies. Carolling indeed is a good business!