Up North of Cebu

I was able to visit this place for free about four years ago. Yes. Read my lips. FOR FREE. Hehehe! It was the venue for our live-in seminar which lasted for almost one month. The place was huge and ideal not only for live-in seminar but also for excursion, retreat or anything that involves communing with nature. I think the resort can accommodate up to 100 persons or even more.

This is the reception area. I chance upon this lady who was inquiring about the other facilities of the resort which include a basketball court, badminton court, table tennis and billiards all for just a minimum fee on a per hour basis. They also have available activities for beach like kayaking, snorkeling and diving ( the resort is located near a marine sanctuary which I was able to dive).

The clubhouse was the perfect place to study (that was in our case after spending most of the time in the session hall) and relax. The place is overlooking the swimming pool. So if your lucky enough, you can catch good views here of, you know what I’m referring to. 

Speaking of the pool, it has a jacuzzi which has a capacity of 6-8 persons. The depth starts at 4 feet and progresses to 6 feet as you move to the other end. The other pool is for the kids.


The beautifully constructed waterfalls with swing.


Cafe Gloria were we took our meals. You can also find the convention center and the dormitories in this building. The second floor has high-end rooms. 


Convention Center

Recreation Area overlooking the beach front.





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