Art Attack

A few weeks ago, I gathered my two kids and decided to engage them into some artwork.

We have two cake boxes lying in the corner waiting to be disposed. The boxes were nice because they are laminated and they looked sturdy. So I came up with an idea of making some masks out of those scraps.

Here’s our finished product:



Zyk was supposed to be Kevin – the Blue Power Ranger. I don’t have a picture of Kevin so I just made it up. The eye holes were not perfect. Hehehe! I can’t find our cutter that’s why. I used a knife in making those holes. đŸ˜¦ The mask lacks color too… don’t blame me for that. The little boy was so eager to try it on already. So, I handed it to him unfinished. Later, when his Kuya got an opportunity to “remodel” it, he grabbed the chance and drew the lopsided mouth.

Ryx, who was still obsessed with Blu, the Rio movie lead character, asked if I can make it. It was feasible so I embarked on the idea. I cut out the flaps of the box to make the beak. Yeah, it was like a real beak – BIG and protruding. Again, a knife was used to carve the eye holes and Ryx did the coloring.

Of course the kids like our outputs. But the masks can still be improved, right?

Suggestions please.



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