Exclusive Post

Time has changed.

We have entered the era where people share to almost everybody what they are into, what they are up to and the likes. Thanks to social media for making this possible.

But there are times wherein you wanted to share something to a limited number of people only. How do you do it? For facebook users, here’s one:

See the “FRIENDS” list on the left side of your HOME view? Found? Okay, the first on the list is CLOSED FRIENDS, then FAMILY.

Try clicking the FAMILY for example. If this is your first time to click this, there will be a step by step guide. Anyway, you cannot see any item in the NEWS FEED, right? Here’s what you will do:  go to the LIST found on the right side and start adding the names of the persons that you want to be included in the family list. Gradually, you will see the updates from the persons you included in the news feed. If you are through adding names on the list, you’re done!

The next time you want to post an update and you want to share it only to the persons included in your FAMILY LIST, simply click the FAMILY and then post your update. Only these people found in the list can see your update.

Go and try it!


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