Note: Another post by Eena

I had earlier bathed Ryx, making sure he was properly soaped and shampooed. He again told me that Dida doesn’t help him take a bath that much anymore, since according to her, he is already a big boy. “Mama, bisag imo siyang giingnan tabangan ko ug sabon, dili jud sya mama.”

Afterwards, as agreed, while I was in the bathroom for my bath, Ryx was already allowed to use the computer. Before, he usually watched any of his favorite cds (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Bob the Builder). But lately he usually starts with his favorite features in Encarta (dinosaurs, fish walking in water, whales, etc.), then proceeds with his Beetle Ju session. But this time, he wanted to watch Mickey Mouse again and so clicked on the media player.  Unfortunately, Zyk, who was having a nap on the bed, got awakened by the loud sounds, so we had to turn off the monitor to make sure Zyk goes back to sleep.

Surprisingly, Ryx didn’t make a fuss and willingly went to the kitchen. Since I had just finished taking a bath, I told him we will put lotion together on our arms and legs. Especially his, coz his knees and elbows are beginning to look like chicken/snake skin. So I put some lotion on his palms and told him to rub them on his arms and legs. We were just there, at the kitchen table (so we would be far away from the room and not disturb Zyk) while he was applying lotion on his skin. After he was done, and seeing that he missed some places, I finished the job for him, including putting some lotion on his neck.

That was when he spoke up and said: “Mama, lami gyud kaayo ug naa lang sigi ang Mama ug Papa, nu? (Mama, it’s really very nice if the mama and papa are always home!) I was so touched by what he said that I couldn’t react right away. I think he was thinking about me, giving him a proper bath, and his Papa, putting zyk to sleep. And then us, putting lotion on his dry skin and the sheer joy of doing all the other little things we do together on weekends.

Before I could speak up, his busy little brain probably remembered my previous explanations why papa and mama have to go to work (we need to work, langga, so that we will have money to buy food, and milk, and clothes. And toys and books if we have extra money). Which explains why he then said: “Unta mama, naay maghimo ug daghan kaayo coins!” Probably he was thinking if there were lots of coins, (which he considers as money, he doesn’t care much about paper bills) we wouldn’t have to work anymore. But again, before I could retort, he then changed his tack and said: “Ah, unta na lang mama, everytime mupalit ta, libre na lang unta!” To which I hopelessly quipped,” Lagi langga, libre na lang unta nu!”

Thankfully, he didn’t see how affected I was by the conversation since he already ran off after his papa called to say that he could continue using the computer already, zyk had gone back to sleep. It’s been several times that he had asked me not to go to work so I could stay with him. And it was only last Sunday that I realized that he already understood why we had to work. Since he knew we needed to. That’s why even after realizing how nice it is to have his parents home,  he didn’t ask us anymore to stop working. He was just left with the wishful statement, “Every time we “buy” something, I wish it would just be for free!”

If only that were so! If only that were true! But it’s not, and it will never be. So we just have to be contented with doing our best to make the weekends count, and the times that we get to be there for them. (“Holidays pud, mama”). Maybe that’s what makes these times more special, knowing that no matter how simple the activity is (taking a bath, putting lotion, etc.) it means a lot to them, and to us. And I just hope that deep inside, they know that if we had a choice, we would spend more time with them. Love you kids.


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