100: Ciento


I and wifey were able to catch the musical last Friday, February 22, 2013 in spite of our busy schedule.

I hope I can find time to make a full review about it. But at the rate I am going, I still have lots of back logs. So I’ll just share a few of my thoughts about the show:

  • the entire ensemble was great- their acting, singing and dancing!
  • some of the lapel microphones were not working well which made the audience guessed what the actors were saying.
  • It was good that videos and animations were incorporated in the show though there was a point where it dwelt too much on one topic and it became dragging already.
  • Since it was supposed to be a trip to memory lane (100 years back) I was expecting the play to focus on at least five characters and then their experience with ADZU. When the adventure of the probinsiyana from Ipil was featured, it earned an applause from the audience which meant that they were once in the shoes of that girl or they have friends like her or something like that. That portion earned an instant connection with the audience. It would be better if something similar to that was featured.
  • of course credit should also be given to the composers of the original compositions featured in the show. They were nice.

Congrats to Mr. Kiko Miranda and all the people behind the play! Hope to see more of your productions!



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