Our Weekend

was filled with two activities. JS prom of Ryx on Saturday and Philhealth Fun Run for Eena and Me on Sunday.

Ryx’s call time in school was 1pm for the motorcade from the school to the venue of the affair which was more or less 12 kilometers away. As early as 12 noon, we were all ready. Thirty minutes after we left our house and went to school.  To our surprise, we only saw a few people there waiting. Although our original plan was to go ahead to the venue, we still ended up in school waiting for everybody to show up.

While killing the time, we made silly things to keep the kids preoccupied. Soon, Ryx got so bored so we decided to let him join his classmates play around the school premises. Yeah, we allowed that because we were confident that he won’t ruin his prom clothes. He wasn’t wearing them yet unlike his classmates. Hehehe! While Ryx was away, we were stuck with Zyk who was showing signs of impatience already. So Eena gave him her sunglasses to experiment and play with.

Here’s the evidence:


Fast forward to the program. It was okay! The performances were not perfect. What can you expect from kids aged 3, 4 and 5 in cotillion dance? (Yeah. They have such. We still wonder how they explained it to the children. Baka they didn’t bother doing that.)

What was tiring for our part is that during the entire time of the program, we need to keep Zyk busy with something. We know it would make our life easier if we left him at home. But luoy man if we did that. So, while program was on-going Eena and I took turns in amusing Zyk. The venue was at second floor but Zyk preferred to stay on the ground floor. So we needed to go up and down every now and then. We don’t want to miss kuya’s activity too especially the part where he accepted the key of responsibility from the senior class.

We only got the chance to have pictures taken after the program.


Sunday. The gun start for the fun run was at 5:30am. We were still asleep that time. Dog tired from the previous day’s activity. But around 6am, we still managed to get up and run. But on a different location. While all the runners were headed to Pasonanca Park or respective turning point and then back to Joaquin Enriquez Sports Complex, we did it in our own place.



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