We all had our haircut during the weekend. “We” here refers to the entire family.


Zyk needed to see the barber already because his bangs were almost covering his eyes. Besides, we needed to train him to have his hair cut at the barber. His first was a disaster because he kept on crying and crying to the point of puking. Good that the shop didn’t charge us additional for the mess he caused. hehehe!


Ryx, in preparation for his upcoming “JS PROM,” has to cut his hair so he will look good on his pink long sleeves and black pants. Ryx is just in prep-school mind you but they already have this activity. Don’t know who gave the school administrator this idea. Didn’t bother asking them also because at the back of my mind I know it would be a futile exercise.


My hair is becoming unruly (although that’s its nature! Hehe!) already and my white hair which are growing in population were getting more visible. Thus I needed the haircut badly. Or else, I will be mistaken to belong in the fiftysomething. Hey, that’s hairwise okay? Thinning not included!


While we all had it in one barbershop, Eena had hers at home. (Wow! Home service!) But if she had it her way, she wanted it done at the barbershop! All she asked was a simple trimming of her patay-looking hair. But all the barbers shooed her away! 😦


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