Goodbye Suez Canal

Sometime in July, Eena and Dida decided to change the positioning of our beds inside our room. This was after specialists from a pest control company applied some pesticides in the form of powder on the gaps and cracks inside our house leaving all our things topsy turvey. (Yeah! The termites attacked us!) They grabbed the opportunity of rearranging the bedrooms layout so that Ryx can start sleeping on his own bed alone.




Just right after moving the beds, Ryx asked immediately why the change in the setup. Maybe he was jealous because Zyk will still be sleeping with us while he will be “detached.”  But after some explanations, he embraced the idea that he is already a big boy and it’s about time that he learns to sleep on his own bed alone.


After the talk, I thought that was it. But I was wrong. The coming nights after that, he still called one of us to be with him on his bed. Most of the time, he preferred me to be with him which makes Eena envious. But if he’s in the mood for some bedtime stories, he called his mama. Not that I am lousy with story-telling, he just wanted Mama. Period. Since his bed can accommodate only one person, Eena or I would transfer to the big bed once Ryx has drifted away or either of us will end up having either back pains or stiffened arms because of limited movements.


There were times when Ryx woke up in the middle of the night and started calling me or Mama. He wasn’t comfy then having the bed all to himself so one of us went and stayed with him again even if you just had the luxury of having a little space where you can extend your limbs and extremities after Zyk decided to positioned himself closed to the other one.


Falling off the bed was not an exception also. Both sides of his bed are free now unlike before wherein he is barricaded by a wall on one side and a human being on the other. Our sleep was interrupted two or three times because of a loud thud sound which was followed by cry! Poor Ryx!


But he has passed that stage already. Now he can manage to sleep there alone. Although there are still episodes where he wants either of us to be with him, but it’s manageable.


Good bye Suez Canal!


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