Level Up

It’s a pity that my first entry (PMS Time) for this year is a complaint. In our culture, we have this palihi wherein one (especially when you move in to a new house, you have a new car, or starting a new year) should do something nice or right so that you’ll have nice/good things ahead of you. But I’m following the Chinese calendar this year… so my new year will start on February 10 yet! So that entry doesn’t count. Hehehe!

To continue what I started in my previous entry, there was a development in our goal setting after one of my co-workers pointed out something about the manner of evaluating the performance. Accordingly, the boss shares the same sentiment about the issue. So we made some amendments to the system. Hopefully, it will be applied the next evaluation period.

This morning, when I received the draft of my performance evaluation form, there was a  change in the goal in one area. It became lower. I wonder what happened? But it’s irrelevant in my case (my performance for that area is already 220% above goal) so why bother.

Another development this morning is that KQ is implementing a new system to counter our end-of-the-month dilemma. Usually, when we reach reports preparation time, it will take us days before we can balance our report. I hope this new method will make our lives easier. Another thing commendable about this move is that finally, KQ is doing something already! She used to be just there in her corner sitting… tinkering her pc keyboard or busy with a crossword/book. I wonder what urged her to act this way.


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