PMS time

I don’t know. But I just hate January and July – the evaluation periods for me and my office mates. (In our office, the performance of every employee is rated every semester)

It is not that I dread this because I receive low performance rates –  I am one of the better performing people in the office for your information.  What I don’t like about these months is that I am again reminded of how faulty the system is. Oh, not the entire system actually but the goal setting only. I pointed this out before to the person in charge with the setting of goals but I was outnumbered after her assistant (whom I think is the brain of the goal setting procedures) backed her idea. So I followed their process. Besides she is the boss. Who am I to question that.

Today, again while in the process of evaluation, their system backfired! The goal of one of the employees is beyond attainable even if she will finished all her assigned task! This happened to me last time also which I furiously pointed out. Again, It would have been a good time for me to point out about the faulty system. Dah, I don’t have the energy to argue. I chose to keep quiet, thus the facebook status (no you can’t see it). Good thing my office mates pointed it out.

Anyway, I’ll go back to my work.


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