Car Maintenance Tips

I am no expert as far as car maintenance is concerned. But I just want to share the following information which I got from a “close” friend (who is not an expert as well but these tips worked and you can judge it by his cars) which might be beneficial to all car owners. Of course, your comments would be welcome. You can also add some more tips for everybody to know.

Engine Oil and Oil Filter

– replacement must be made every 5,000 kms.

Spark Plug

– change every 20,000 kms. Replace all the spark plugs. Don’t try to save by replacing only the “defective” ones. This will result to uneven performance.


– cleaning must be done every 2 years or as the need arises. The best indication that there is something wrong with the brakes is this: after driving for a while try touching the brake drum; if it’s burning hot then you need to have it checked.


– if the car is being used on a regular basis, tires must be replaced every five years. Of course this is dependent on the distance traveled. Make sure also that no stones or pebbles are stuck in between the threads. In order also to have an even wear and tear of the thread, exchange the front tires (the tire on the left side will be placed on the right side and vise versa) after six months. Do the same on the rear tires. Then after the lapse of 6 months, exchange the front tires with the rear this time.

– ensure also that the tires are inflated on the ideal PSI (including the spare tire). This will prolong the life of the tire and at the same time save you some fuel costs.

Anything under the Hood

– check the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, clutch fluid and water ( for the wiper; add a little shampoo if you like ) level every week. Refill if it’s below the maximum level.

Bolt tightening

– every two years or as the need arises. If you hear some vibrating noise, check where the sound is coming from.


– apply grease every two years or when necessary. A sign that such needs some greasing is when you step the clutch pedal it’s no longer as smooth as it is used to be.

Air Conditioner – cleaning must be done every two years. Adding of Freon is also necessary. To prolong the life of the aircon unit, turn it on only a few minutes after starting the engine. When turning if off, make sure that you do it before you turn off the engine. In other words, aircon first before the engine.

– using of air refreshener is being discouraged since it is harmful to health accordingly. Besides, it leaves some sediment that will get stuck in the aircon pipes.


– normal life is 3 years. Check the strength after two years from date of purchase. When the car will become idle for a long period, ask somebody to start the engine once in a while so that the battery will be charged.

Cleaning of Exterior

– never use wax. It will damage the paint at a faster rate. Just use water and soft towel/ flanella/ chamois.


– indoor is better than outdoor. This will save you on fuel costs also and avoid damage to the body paint. If it’s unavoidable to park outdoor, then choose an area that is covered by shades of a tree or building or anything. Just make sure don’t do it when a typhoon is coming. Hehehe.

Washing – do it every three months only or even longer. During rainy days, clean the mud guard/ mud flap area to free it from mud. Too much exposure to such will speed up the corroding process. Never spray water on the engine area.


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