My Little Chatterbox

Tatata… Hah… O o… Na… Dida… Gagig…

These are just few of the words commonly used by my little guy Zyk. When you talk to him, he answers back as if trying to make a conversation. And lately, he has his own little world. He will grab a few of his toys… bring them somewhere then sit down and play with them. He is also fond of pushing things around. His usual victim is the chair of his Kuya Ryx. Yeah I know we were supposed to buy him a toy with wheels which he can push around. But no need! His brother grew up fine without it!

Going back, his routine is to pull the chair, position it in a way that the back rest would touch the floor and the legs of the chair pointing towards him. He will now hold the two ends of the legs then starts pushing. It’s fun for the first few rounds! But not the succeeding rounds. It’s tiring! Believe me… little kids have lots of energy compared to us.


For two straight Saturdays, we treated the entire family to an outdoor fun! First, a night-picnic at Paseo Del Mar. This in spite of the bad weather on the early part of the day. With pansit bihon and loaf bread as baon, we parked Chubi at the far side of the parking area (where there are no business establishments around). Ryx and Zyk enjoyed the breeze. We, the grown-ups composed of Eena, Dida, Jot and I enjoyed the scenery. Hehe! Lots of young couples around! So lovey-dovey with each other. Some went to the extent of making PDA! Good thing Ryx didn’t ask anything about it. Hehehe!

We were about to go home when we heard the announcement about the dancing musical fountain. This is one of the new attractions of the park. It was about to start in a short while, so we decided to wait for it. We transferred to a nearer parking slot so we can see the show (without the need to pay) without any obstruction in order to enjoy it.

5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

The show kicked off! It was nice… breathtaking… . Ryx was so amazed. Zyk was shocked! I don’t know what’s going on in his mind during that time. 🙂


For the 2nd Saturday, we brought the entire household (Yaya Pilar with son Edmark and sister Grace) to Mindpro Citimall. They watched the movie ICE AGE 4. They only… I and Zyk were left at the Kid’s Zone. Zyk’s not ready for movie house yet. He was better off at the playhouse. When we were there, he didn’t like it at first. But when another toddler came in, he started to have some fun.

Kid’s Zone is actually a barber shop cum beauty parlor cum play pen located at the third level of the mall. It’s the first here in our place, I think. Puede na. But I think they lack implements and advertisement. We had the opportunity actually of introducing to them the concept of gift certificate which they embraced and is now available. And I am sharing to you the story:

We were invited to a birthday party of an office mate’s grandson. They are well off so we don’t know what to give as birthday presents. We looked around and didn’t see anything fit for the baby. Until we came across the shop. We started inquiring and found the price reasonable and the services (based on observation only) okay. Sold out with the idea, we asked if they have gift certificates. THEY DON’T!!! Desperate already since we don’t have time, we asked the receptionist if we can talk to the owner and she gave us her number. After the call… the owner talked to the receptionist and then presto! our gift certificate is ready!!! 🙂


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