The office assigned me to be the coordinator for badminton during the sportsfest as coordinator. Yeah! I was assigned that task. Which meant I was bestowed with big responsibility… I became responsible with the rules to be played, the different categories such as men’s doubles, women doubles, etc., the number of entries, schedules of games and of course the shuttlecocks. I also supervised the officials and see to it that they also have their allotted snacks. Now that the event was over, I think I have to make an evaluation.

It was already planned. Before the game proper, all the coordinators should meet. I’m glad that I stuck to that plan. When we convened, all issues were brought up. Issues about double entry, scoring system and game format were discussed. All were settled right there and then by the concurrence of the majority.

One thing I overlooked is that I relied on the over-all sports coordinator too much. Even if I submitted to him the rules and games format to be sent to participating regions, I should have called each region and presented to them the mechanics of the game before the scheduled event. In that manner at least they can come prepared.

Finally, we forgot to have a group picture taking before the opening of the game. Sigh!

Anyway, below are some pictures of the different teams in action.

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