December Madness

Barely 9 days before Christmas yet my Christmas list is not complete. Who’s to blame? The Director and those behind all these activities. Yes! This is still in connection with the Palaro in December entry.

We thought our activities will end with the sports fest. We’re wrong. Aside from the basketball, volleyball, bowling and dart tourney, we still have two things to deal with – CHORAL and DANCE PRESENTATION. These will be presented during the Christmas Party. This two-contest event is another deviation from the Christmas celebration tradition wherein only one competition is being made.

Anyway, like what was emphasized in my previous post, the people here in the bureau will not just come up with good presentations. They will always come up with something grand that is “at par” with The Philippine Madrigal Singers for choral or a dance number that will give the Bayanihan Dance Troupe a run for their money. And we know what is needed to come up with that kind of presentation. You have to hire top-notch trainers and of course practice… practice… and more practice.

So here I am. With my precious time divided to dance practice, choral practice, office work and lots of personal errands. Damn!

Will I ever get to complete my Christmas List? I hope not after Christmas.


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