This is still in line with the Palaro in December entry.

It was Saturday, and time for bowling game. Wifey and I decided to bring Ryx along. When Ryx was two years old, he received a bowling game set (the one made in plastic ideally for children). Since then, he already has an idea how to play the game. But he never saw the real thing yet. That’s why we grabbed the chance.

Before going to the bowling center, we briefed Ryx on the dos and donts once we get there. We were there for “official business” after all. So he can’t run around or do anything that might disturb the game. We’re glad that he followed the rules.

Anyway, our team played at alley 3 and 4. Unfortunately, I only practised at alley 1 and 2. So playing in that alley was a practice and final game rolled into one. Luckily, I was able to score 99 pin falls with one spare. Not bad! The next game was played at alley 7 and 8. My score improved to 105 pin falls. Yay! It pays to have a two-man cheering squad! Hehehe! Thanks Eena and Ryx! Your presence made a difference.

The game was about to end. I was standing in one of the bowling alleys cheering for our team. Then it occurred to me to call Ryx and have him touch the ball. I even allowed him to carry it to which he instantly said that it was indeed heavy.

When the game ended, I took one house ball and demonstrated to Ryx how to throw it. I got another one and asked him to give it a try. Since it was still too heavy for him, I told him to use both hands. He was hesitant at first but later on he give in. He gave it a try and he was able to do it! Unfortunately, the ball didn’t hit any pin.

After the game, we went straight to Mano-mano na Greenfields in Sta. Maria for our lunch.


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