Palaro in December

When our new director assumed his position, bits and pieces of information about him were flying all around the corners of the office. One info that is very pleasant to my ear is his being sports minded.

Yay! Tournaments and other sports activities will be flourishing!

When October came, the director held a meeting with the chiefs of the different divisions. The result of the meeting was announced. THERE WILL BE A SPORTS FEST COMING THIS HOLIDAY.

What?! Sports fest this Christmas?!

We never had sports activities in December at the office ever since (or since the time I joined the bureau). That’s why the announcement was a surprise! But what can we (or was it I only?) do?!


Later, all the employees were grouped into four groups, represented by Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. It follows that uniforms are necessary… so one shirt for every individual was allocated. But knowing these people here in the bureau, they won’t settle only with that.

Now, things are getting overboard. For me that is. Accordingly, one team has three sets of uniforms. Another team has complete jersey uniforms plus jogging pants. And another team with jacket as supplement.



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