Wifey and I arrived home very very late last night – Wifey worked overtime while I came from school. We got stranded somewhere in town because of the rain. Well, we didn’t use Chubi because the sun was bright early in the morning and there was no indication that it will rain.

When we arrived home past 10pm, Ryx was already asleep while Zyk was still wide awake. According to Dida, Zyk went to bed earlier. Maybe he was not contented not to see us before going to Neverland that’s why he woke up before we arrived home. Few minutes after, Wifey and I were ready for bed. Zyk was showing signs that he was sleepy as well. So we went inside the room.

(Pre-Zyk days, we have one maternity bed in our room. When Ryx became 3 years old, we needed an extra bed since our old bed can no longer accommodate us. The new single-sized bed was placed beside the old one since Ryx was not ready yet to sleep apart from us. When Zyk was born, we rearranged our beds in such a way that one side [apart from the headboard] is against the wall. That way, the chances of kids falling off the bed would be slim. The downside of this setup is there’s a one-inch gap between the two mattresses whiche we termed as the Suez Canal! Hehe!)

Ryx was already sleeping in his usual place which is the side adjacent to the wall. My usual place is on the other end parallel to Ryx while Zyk would stay in between me and wifey. That night, after putting all my efforts Zyk finally fell asleep (putting him to sleep is struggle lately because we are training him to sleep on the bed on his own instead of carrying him) he was occupying wifey’s bed space already. Left without a choice, wifey, who was dog tired due to her overtime work at the office,  took Zyk’s place. In effect, they ended up exchanging places.

After putting Zyk to sleep, I lost the urge so I took the book I’m currently reading and started  flipping the pages.

When it was my time to join them, wifey took my space already. I have no choice but to stay in between wifey and Zyk. While there, I could not go to sleep. Maybe it was because of the new position… or maybe it was my subconscious telling me that our position is not right. It’s kinda dangerous to leave Ryx and Zyk side by side you know. Ryx might end up on top of Zyk. I transferred and stayed in between my boys.

Never mind the discomfort brought about by the Suez Canal… but being SANDWICHED by my two kids is a perfect bliss!!! How I wish wifey was awake so she can take pictures.

November 15, 2011


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