ABCD… 123

The proud papa in me is acting up again. So please indulge me on this.

As I was going over the journal of Ryx the other day, I noticed that not much was written on the moment he entered preschool stage. To think, this is actually the time when Ryx was displaying lots of tricks to our surprise. Let me share to you a few.


One day, out of the blue, we just heard Ryx singing the alphabet song. He missed a letter or two but it was almost perfect. And take note, correct pronunciation. This despite having a Dida (his Yaya) who has a gahi pronunciation (though not the worse type who reads pencil as pensel or Isabela as Isabila… but she says bidshet instead of bedsheet to which Reena instantly corrects). We didn’t make a conscious effort to teach him this. So, who else did it but Dida.

One time, Reena was due for her pre-natal check up. Since the schedule fell on a Saturday, we decided let Ryx tag along. The queue was long when we arrived at the clinic. Left without a choice, we just sat there and waited for our turn. Well, for sure you know that the attention span of little kids is very short. As expected, Ryx begun to wander around after staying put a few minutes. To keep him busy, I asked him to identify the letters found on the nameplates of the doctors posted on the door of the clinics. I can’t believe what I heard! He knew every single letter! Conferring with Reena, I found out she is aware already that Ryx can recognize all the letters (uppercase) in the alphabet. I realized that it pays to have a letter chart handy. Ryx was still 1 year old when we posted that on our bedroom door. It was Reena actually who bought it. She made the perfect choice since the chart was so attractive and colourful. Aside from the chart, I think the Alphabet Zoo Book was of help. The book was given to him by his Ninang Badette. Ryx loves animals very much, so when he got that book it became one of his favourites. But I think most of the credit should be given to the ever kugihan nga Dida. She never fails to include the alphabet in their routine be it in the form of play or otherwise.

Ryx can also recognize and count things from 1 to 10 though he can recite up to 23 except 15. 11… 12… 13… 14… 16… 17… . Hehehe! He also mastered the proper way of holding a pencil, ball pen or crayons. Dapat lang! He has already consumed an equivalent of at least one ream of scratch papers. Although while learning this skill, our walls and cabinets were not spared including our front door!!! He draws his versions of bulldozers or dump trucks (his obsession… thanks to the Bob the Builder show) and lately cartoon characters. He can write simple letters although they are either oversized or tiku-tiku. His ever favourite is B. Now he goes for H (nga nakahigda), X, Y, L, R and A. This again through the efforts of Dida.

Hurray! Hurray for Dida! Este Ryx!


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