I am on an emotional roller coaster ride lately. It started when my wife and I discovered that we’re pregnant. From day one till today, my wife turned into a monster gradually. And she is in her most monstrous form these days. Well, we’re still on our 11th week and I know the worst is yet to come.

It must be the hormones. No, it is the hormones that transform her into this other being. Every morning, from the time she wakes up, take her breakfast and every two hours thereafter, you will hear her growl (read: barf). Whenever she growls, it’s a sign that you need to feed her. Yes! She’s hungry. So, you gotta feed her with something. And this something is something which she alone can tell. To avoid trouble, I have to look for that something which she is craving for. No excuses… or her cravings will turn into full blown tantrums. She will end up crying and then starts of a litany of you know what…

All these things are driving me crazy! I hope it will end soon.



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