(Note: This blog entry was published on November 2006 on my other F-account. Just felt like posting it here after my recent trip back to Davao. Hehe!)

For somebody who loves to travel a lot but doesn’t have the means (read: no money) to do so, work-related travel is really something to look forward to. You will not only be relieved from your usual workday routine, you will also have the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places and learn something new assuming it’s a seminar or training. Above all, you will have the chance to experience all of these at a minimal cost considering the office or the training sponsor will shoulder the basic expenses, like food, accommodation and transportation.

In my entire career life, the recent travel was the most tremendous one! The location was Davao (My second time to visit the place. The first was a disaster. Grr!). I stayed there for a total of ten days – a record as far as duration of training is concerned. Seven days for pure training activities and three days for myself – thanks to the flight schedule and the weekend-off.

Upon arrival at the Davao International Airport, I, together with my partner went straight to the hotel referred to us by the coordinator. When we got there, I didn’t expect that we would be accommodated in a plush hotel. Of course I was looking forward to a nice place to stay for the entire length of the training! Remember, it’s a seven-day training! But they booked us in this hotel?! My golly! This is more than enough! Absolutely much much much more than enough!!! So, after getting the key from the front desk, we went straight to our assigned room which is somewhere on the eleventh floor.

The panoramic view of southeastern part of the city including the Samal Island was fascinating. What a sight! And this can viewed straight from our hotel room. How I wished I brought my camera with me. Anyway, the room that sheltered us has become the sole witness of lots of bloopers, boo-boos ( mind you, mostly not mine! ) and some insights! Hehehe! But sorry, folks I wont squel on the details… I’m still a good person you know!

As guests, we get to enjoy the other top-rate facilities and world-class amenities of the hotel. The café, where we had our daily breakfast, offered a wide array of dish from Filipino, Oriental and American. All these I got to taste! Yum! Yum! (Bart: Wow! Murag Americano!). I was able to take a plunge in their pool, too.

And pretended to be a gym buff just to try sophisticated body building machines at their fitness center! Of course, I didn’t allow my post-workout session to pass without using the sauna where I heard somebody utter “I don’t like it. Its hot!” Definitely it is hot. Steam bath gud!

Getting some dose of the finer things in life in that hotel didn’t stop me from exploring the rest of the city. I was able to pay a quick visit to some must-see places in Davao, too. And go malling, the usual pastime for Filipinos. I also had the chance to play badminton with Davao-based friends; watched Kennie Asuncion (A Badminton Star!) play and have her autograph afterwards; and drink cappuccino with a classmate during college at Jack Ridge Resort. Most of all ate lomi with rice (?) for dinner – perfect combination I tell you. Hehehe!

I skipped the training session part. We know what usually happens during training and all the things that go with it. Anyway for now, there is only one thing I’m looking forward to: When is the next training?

Note: The pictures included here were taken from yahoo flicker. To the owner/s of the pictures, thank you and pardon me for not giving you credits. Pasensya na lang jud.


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