The Good Side of this Recurring Brownout

I’ve been hearing lots of complaints about the recurring brownouts here in the city. Well, they have a point. But if you’ll think about it, there are also some good things which this power outage can bring. Here are some:

LESS POWER CONSUMPTION. If you are the type who usually checks the current light bill and compares it with the previous one, definitely you will notice that your power consumption is less. Most of our appliances at home are electricity dependent – TV, Ref, Stove, Fan, AC units, etc. If there’s no electricity, then these appliances are of no use.

LESS TV TIME. Study shows that too much TV time is harmful to us. Now, if you are trying to lessen you TV time, you wont need to exert a lot of efforts now. When the power shuts off, you gotta say goodbye to your tv time whether you like it or not.

SLEEP EARLY. I usually hit the hay at around midnight. Before that, mostly I spend my time on reading, playing guitar, updating my journal and whatnot. But now, when the clocks strikes 10pm, I’m forced to sleep early.

NO NEED TO VISIT THE GYM. With the type of climate we have, definitely you will sweat a lot during blackouts because there’s no electric fan or the air conditioning units are not working. So that means you are burning calories more than usual, right? We’ll if you don’t want to sweat, you can always cool yourself with the use of fans (you can find one anywhere lately…used as campaign materials by politician-wannabees). In the process, still you will burn additional calories.

LESS WORK. Hahaha! This is what I like most although this may not be applicable to all. In my case, we don’t have a generator at the office so blackout means stop operation. We can actually do some work which don’t require the use of computers. But that is only if you have eyes with built-in flashlights and if you can stand the heat. Anyway, never mind the backlogs which will be the effect of this less-work because that’s a different story. Hehehe!


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