Comprehensive Exam for Revenue Officers

About two weeks ago, the revenue officers in the Bureau of Internal Revenue all over the country took the Comprehensive Exam for Revenue Officers. It was held on three (3) testing centers; one in Manila, another in Cebu then also in Davao. All Revenue Officers went to the said testing centers to have their brains checked if indeed they know the Internal Revenue Code or not.

I was among those Revenue Officers who took the exam. Whew! The exam gave me headaches, really! For that, I congratulate the examiner who prepared the exam based on the following:

a.) The exam is not the typical multiple choice type.

b.) Some questions may have more than one answers.

c.) The exam coverage are more of the general principles of taxation and those common transactions which a revenuer must know by heart (unfortunately, I dont know some of them).

d.) The manner of getting points also is a bit tricky. For items which has more than one answers, it would be right minus wrong but never to have a negative score. This will refrain the examinees from checking all the choices given, right? In other words, you have to be sure of your answers otherwise, you wont earn any point as a result of other incorrect statements which you think are right.

Anyway, those are good points. Now here is the negative point. The manner of checking. For sure, it will be manually checked. Well there will always be a tendency that some checkers might miss something like they will not give credit to correct answers or the other way around. And of course, I hope there will be no switching of score/grade too.

I wont discuss the consequences if a revenue officer will pass the exam or not. I’ll leave it to the bureau. I just hope they will apply a uniform rule on these like giving intensive trainings to those who didnt pass the exam or no promotions for that matter.

By the way, an officemate received a text message two or three days after the exam date allegedly stating that some examinees were given copies of the questionnaires a day before the exam. Uh-oh! I hope this is not true.


2 thoughts on “Comprehensive Exam for Revenue Officers

  1. Susan Reyes

    Well, I also received a text message regarding a copy of examination that was given before the date of the examination.The examiner (name withheld) told me that she was a given a copy but she refused to take it. Imagine, all of you are taking the examination, and someone will passed her examination papers without a single sweat in her head.She took the exam for only one and a half hours in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. I hope this guy, knew wholeheartedly the National Internal Revenue Code. There was a lunch break, and you will see a group of examiners computing for the answers in the questions. What is the questions all about? Is that a leakage already?

  2. yeloman Post author

    Hello Susan! Thanks for reading my blog entry and for setting aside time in leaving a comment.

    I’m sure by this time, you already know if you made it or not. But I wont ask that because it’s a personal question. 🙂

    As for your observations, let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was really prepared when she took the exam that’s why she consumed less time in answering the questions. Or, it could be the other way around… she doesn’t know the answers thats she she submitted her paper instantly because what’s the use of dwelling so much time on it if you dont have anything to answer. 🙂

    With regards to the group of examiners computing, maybe they were just answering some problems which they think might come out of the exam. Just like our case, one examiner said that the panunumpa sa watawat will be asked which left everybody in the group murmuring and mumbling trying to master the pledge. 🙂

    Now am curious about this person you mentioned. Did he/she make it? Is he/she among the topnotchers? I want to know. hehehe!


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