Still Without A Baby Sitter

Since the time we booted out our baby’s nanny around 6 weeks ago, until now we still cant find for a replacement. It’s not that we look wicked that everytime a prospective nanny or sitter is on the doorstep, she immediately backs off because of our looks. Hehe! And I dont think that there’s a rumor floating around that we are so cruel to nannies/ sitters (unless somebody is trying to sabotage us) which makes us to the list of blacklisted prospective employers, since we treat them like members of the family. We are just so particular with baby sitters because they will be entrusted with great responsibilities. Let us not talk about the responsibilities here because I think we need a separate entry for that.

Anyway, how are we managing life without a nanny? Everything is under control. Ha! In my dreams. Our housekeeper now is doubling up for the tasks of the nanny. Actually, her other responsibilities were now unattended. She get to look for them only on weekends when we are around. If we are free, we also try to help her out as much as possible. She might get fed up with the present setup and leave. We cant lose her you know! Not now!

My wife can not just leave her job also and become a full-time mom. We need her pay also to survive. Especially these times when the price of everything is going up.

Just the other day, there was a prospective yaya who applied. Somehow, she was able to meet our standards so we decided to get her. She was supposed to start working today, but she didnt show up. My wifey texted her and found out that she is not coming for some reasons. Whew! I thought our problem is solved already. Grr!

After a few minutes, there’s another prospective yaya. We haven’t seen her yet. But she’s coming tomorrow for an interview.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed… and this is my only prayer: Lord, I hope this is the one!


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