So this is the new blog name! Hehe! Decided not to drop the word ICE afterall. I think that name is an added factor to my site! Whaat?!

Why Ice. Actually, the word Ice which refers to me cropped up when I was already working. One afternoon, I was able to beat the highest score in the computer game minesweeper. In order to conceal my identity just in case a random checking will be made by the boss on all computer games, I tried to come up with a new pseudo name that was not identified to me. I started with my name and  tried dropping some of the letters. Since there are only limited vowels in my name, it would be better to keep them. So, I alternately removed the letters and viola! Ice was born! It started actually like this: .i.c.e – with dots representing the letters removed.

My website address would have been But iceman is no longer available during the time I registered my blog. I opted for yeloman instead. “Yelo” refers to ice in local term.

Why Outlet. This is more of a means of release. Release what? Anything and everything. You will know more soon. 🙂

This site is also sporting a new theme! Hope you guys will like it!

See you around!


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