Teaching Mode

Last Monday was the first day of school for the 1st semester. As a dutiful teacher, I went to school and see what this school year was in store for me. When I checked my teaching load, I was assigned a new subject with the same class I handled in the previous semester. New subject? You know what that means, right? And that is new textbook to read and new class preparations such as seatworks, assignments, quizzes and long exams.

To solve the problem, I talked to a co-teacher (which happened to be my wife) and we decided to exchange teaching loads. She handled that subject last semester and I thought her supposed subject also last semester. And that solved my problem or shall I say our problem since my co-teacher was under the same predicament.

Anyway, I met my class on Monday and then on Wednesday. I wont say anything about them. Too premature. Never mind my first impressions. I’ll keep it to myself for now. You know what my problem is for now? I’m not in teaching mode yet! It seems like my tongue is still too stiff that I cannot pronounce words very clearly. My concentration is also lacking. And I cant focus! Sigh!

I hope the coming week there will be an improvement. For the better hopefully! Hehe!


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