Disposable Diaper Problem

We are in a dilemma right now. About diapers. It’s the size actually. When Ryx turned 13 months, we started using XL size. Now that he is 15 months, the XL size no longer fits him. We have to switch to XXL size. Now here is the problem. It’s a a known fact that when it comes to diapers, the price vary with the size. The bigger the size, the higher the price. Duh!

Here’s the additional burden. The brand we are using which is among the cheapest ( TBTG! Ryx didnt have any problems with it. He didnt develop any rashes.) does not manufacture XXL size. 😦 So we have no choice but to look for other brands. And when we checked out the market, only Brand X, Brand Y and Brand Z offer such size. My golly!!! It costs us additional P5 to P8. Whew! Another chunk on our meager budget. And here’s the worse. Although Brand X and Brand Y offer bigger sizes ( I think the allowance is big enough until Ryx will be 18 months or so. Hopefully by that time, he is already trained not to pee on his pants.) but they do not last long and they leak. Brand Z is good and can last for 5 hours at least. But the price is deadly.

Help! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


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