Ryx Aneer’s First Plane Ride

May 21, 2009 was another memorable day for my son Ryx.

On this day, as the title suggests, Ryx had his first airplane ride. I’m lucky that I was given the chance  to be with him on this momentous event. We didnt expect this chance to come this early. But since we dont have a choice I grabbed the opportunity.

The situation was actually like this. We were scheduled to go to Eena’s hometown on that weekend. Suddenly, she received an order coming from the national office that she will be attending a five-day seminar in Cebu on that same week. Since the scheduled visit to Dipolog was already planned and cant be postponed because it will upset things then it means that I have to travel with Ryx by bus to Dipolog while Eena will take the fastcraft (no flights from Cebu to Dipolog during weekend) just to be there on time. But since I cant manage the 8-hour bus ride from Zamboanga to Dipolog alone with Ryx, we decided that we’ll take the plane to Cebu then go to Dipolog together with Eena. Never mind the extra cost we’ll spend on the trip… that’s cost of convenience.

Anyway, days before the departure, I made some research on the dos and donts when traveling with a baby as well as the things you needed to bring. I brought him some foods and something to drink. Brought some books, too. Didnt bother to bring some toys anymore because my handcarry bag was already full with his travel kit ( diapers, extra clothing and feeding bottles).

On the departure day, when we entered the departure area Ryx got planestruck (not starstuck) the moment he saw the plane at the runway. Hehe! He is used to the idea that planes are on air, that’s why.

When it was boarding time, we started our way towards the aircraft. He got shock all the more because it was getting bigger. He didnt cry in case you are wondering. He was amazed by the huge size of the plane. Then we got inside.

During take off, i kept him busy watching outside the window… explained a little that we’re flying… looked at the houses which were getting smaller… the blue sea… etc. He was okay. He didnt cry. He was just silent.





Later when the plane was already stable, he started noticing our seatmate who was seated by the window- a lady in her forties. She was friendly and helpful. She even got Ryx and let him sit on his lap while gazing at the clouds outside. Ryx cooperated too. He displayed no stranger anxiety! Good boy! After a while, I fed him. Then he went to sleep.

When the plane started to descend, Ryx although still asleep got a little uncomfortable. Maybe the pressure bothered him. Then he finally woke up. To ease his discomfort, I gave him the juice drink. It helped in easing his discomfort.

When the plane was already settled, we said thank you to our seatmate then said goodbye.


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