Cassowary at Pasonanca Aviary

 If you will visit the aviary at Pasonanca Park, the bird in the picture below will get your attention.


In case you dont know, this bird is a CASSOWARY. It’s a huge bird just like an ostrich or emu. Cassowaries are flightless bird that look so tame and friendly. Thier unique call will really catch your attention because it is so loud and it sounds like a water pump or something like an engine of a truck that is being started.

At the aviary, this bird was not reclused in a cage. It roams freely around the area. One time the bird was walking at the vacant lot that is confined by a five-foot fence near the swimming pool. The other time, this bird was spending its time at the back gate area that is open to viewers. Why did I emphasize these? Continue reading.

Accordingly, this bird is considered as the most dangerous bird! I repeat. MOST DANGEROUS! It is capable of disemboweling a man with just one kick with the long second toe claw (too bad I wasnt able to get a picture of it) cutting the gut open. In other words, dont get fooled by its looks. It may look tame but it is capable of killing you! Okay, that is an exaggeration. But just imagine how you will end up if this bird will attack you. 🙂

Anyway, the next time you visit the place warn your companions about this bird. Here’s another shot.

Cute Bird at the Park


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